WAnted!!! Mantophasmatodea (Gladiators) Vanessa Olmos

Common Body Plan w/Distinguishing features:

  • Gladiators have a one segmented body
  • Wingless
  • Antennae slender

Evolutionary History...

  • Comes From a Family of carnivores
  • Related to the grylloblattidae
  • combined into a group called Natoptera
The Mantophasmatodea and the Grylloblattodea have a close relationship.


  • Come from Africa
  • Found on the southern parts of Africa
  • Live in restricted exclusive geographic areas

Significance to Humans

  • Unknown


  • Heel Walkers
  • Gladiators
They are called "heel walkers" because it looks like they are walking on their heels

Key Features

  • very uniform body shape
  • males are smaller than females
  • Colors: Brown, Gray, Green, Yellow
  • black dots or longitude stripes
Heel Walkers are usually found in South Africa.


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  • https://projects.ncsu.edu/cals/course/ent425/library/compendium/mantophasmatodea.html


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