MANGANESE bY; Nakeshia hatke

My atomic number is 25. My atomic mass is 54.938. My symbol is Mn.

My element is Manganese. It has 25 protons and electrons, and 30 neutrons.
Manganese is a solid and a metal.
Johan Gahn is the man who discovered Manganese in 1774.

Its treatment for rust and corrosion prevention on steel.

Three physical properties of Manganese ;
  • Silvery gray metal
  • Tarnishes in the air slowly
  • Its hard, and very brittle
Three chemical properties of Manganese ;
  • Moderately active metal
  • Combines with oxygen in the air to form manganese dioxide (MnO2)
  • It dissolves in most acids, with the release of hydrogen gas.
Weird and unusual facts ;
  • It decomposes cold water slowly
  • Its group number 7 on the periodic table
  • Its solid state structure is cubic
  • The origin of the name is from the Latin word Manganese

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