The Joplin tornado of 2011 by carlos g.

I chose the tornado because it is still mysterious on how it forms and why it gets smaller as it forms. Also because it can either be really small or be extremely huge.

The tornado was in 2011, Joplin Missouri the tornado lasted 38 minutes and destroyed many homes causing the repairs to cost 2.8 billion dollars.

The tornado is weather related and occurs by most thunder storms. You need warm, moist air from the gulf of mexico and cool, dry air from Canada.

Tornadoes normally can do large area damage effecting cities and some times destroys the whole city.

It also damages many homes and have the power to pull roots out of the ground from plant or can pull out the whole plant or tree.

The land is effect with erosion it moves objects away.

the ecosystems will recover by the remaining soil starts to grow grasses and slowly starts a climax community.

People in Joplin were not ready for the tornado the windows of houses and buildings were not made to withstand the high winds of the tornado.

Created By
Carlos Gyer

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