Selfcare For Mums small daily steps

What makes us automatically feel guilty when we think about taking time for ourselves?

As soon as we become mums self-care becomes like a forbidden no go area, You're a mum now and all your time must and shall be spent with your child. Is it because we feel we will be judged by other mums? Is it looked upon as possibly your not coping. Two possible reasons along with many more we have been told or heard other people say. But why was it okay to spend as much time pre motherhood on looking after ourselves then. No one judged the amount of time we pampered and focus on ourself.

Yes I get that everything changes when we become a parent and I am not disputing that fact but what I have come to understand since becoming a mum of two children, who experienced postnatal depression is, the importance of looking after ourselves, its a must. We are no used to anyone if we are mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. It's about what right for you and your family's needs. Each family is unique, we have different set ups, commitments and what works for you might not work for me and vice versa.

I truly believe that, its important to take those short moments in our day wherever possible, to take time to replenish our energy levels. What's the point in getting to the stage of pure utter exhaustion, and being more likely to be short tempered, less patience...

Would it not be much more healthier all round, not just for you but for your family to have a mentally, emotionally and physically refreshed mum. A mum who will have that little more patience, to deal with the challenges that may or may not come her way.

Let's ditch the guilt mamas!

Let's not care about what others think!

Take that 15 mins

Run that bath and soak longer than you normally would.

Take a nap!

With love

Pauline x

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Pauline McPetrie


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