A Creative Church Elissa Tester: Arts 105

“ Art has performed, and always can perform, as an agency toward the redemption of human character”… Ralph Adams Cram
All of Todd Smith's life, he was in church, watching art being displayed in the church, not only through his mom and dad, but other aspect of his home church, such as seasonal plays, gospel singing groups, and cantas, even the youth were encouraged to show their talents through an annual art competition.
Music has been apart of the church for centuries, from gospel to what is now popular, contemporary Christian music, although different people have their different opinions, all types of music are important and play a role in the church, we would not have contemporary Christian music, if it was not for the gospel music that came first.
Besides the obvious of the building there are many other signs of Christianity in architecture and design, like the symbol of the cross and stained glass windows in church buildings.
Smith also addresses how dance plays a role in the church as well as Intersections such as: Thology, Education, Arts, and Global Arts Networks and Renewal, giving the example of evangelistic crusades of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts and others, were broadcasting through television and radio, resulting in reaching many individuals
Because of these many resources and options of spreading the gospel, many people have came to know Christ, and will be added to the kingdom of heaven!
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Elissa Tester


Created with images by Nick Kenrick. - "Nerja .. Andalucia" • Arturo Espinosa - "19/11 - Reflejos rojos" • Mike Babcock - "Kids singing" • nickelbabe - "organ church organ pipe organ" • Lawrie Cate - "DSC03986" • muffinn - "Charlotte - Billy Graham Library - old TVs" • DavidSpinks - "Above the clouds"

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