Christmas with confidence

CI Group are committed to supporting our clients to get back to delivering exciting live events, safely. Our team, venues, chosen partners and delegate communications all comply with the latest government guidelines, giving you and your delegates the confidence to return to live events.​

Our highly experienced and exacting team will work with you closely to recommend a series of options or alternatives to ensure we deliver a flexible, adaptable, live event. Our solution can be tailored in accordance with the latest social distancing policies or changing government recommendations.​

Our CEO, David Watt, regularly consults on UK Events Industry boards, where he shares insight and best practice alongside key industry contacts such as Simon Hughes, Business Visits & Events Partnership and Nigel Huddlestone, UK Government Minister for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.​

CI Group will check weekly coronavirus developments such as Infection Rate and agree together with clients if the R rate gets to X, per 100,000 population by a certain date, a venue cancellation or postponement policy would kick in.​

We carry out a full Covid-19 risk assessment. Control procedures are in place to deliver your events safely, CI Group are proudly accredited with Visit England so your event is in line with the 'Good to Go' requirements. ​

We can provide a bespoke industry leading 'Liber' App for your event, a Test & Trace product designed in line with Government guidelines. Already being used at select events across the UK.​

Those working from home are racking up an extra 28 hours of monthly overtime since lockdown began. It equates to nearly four days’ work​!

It’s been a tough year, with lots of change to adapt to and fewer opportunities to spend time with colleagues. Now more than ever, employees need something to look forward to, and employers need to pay particular attention to thanking and rewarding employees for their resilience.​​

As experts in the events and digital arena, the CI Group can deliver you a best in class, high-impact and highly interactive Christmas party with activities and games to keep guests engaged throughout.​

There’s only one exception in 2020… no kissing under the mistletoe!​

72% of technology executives say that team workloads had increased and everyone was working harder​.
Nearly 60% of people we surveyed feel less connected to their colleagues since working remotely more often.
78% of IT leaders believe digital employee experience is essential or a high priority today, compared to only half (49%) 12 months ago​.

Journey and options

We understand that people might not be comfortable coming together for a live event, even if it is permissible at the time​.

Our flexible solution means people can celebrate Christmas together in the way the feel most comfortable, whether that be at home or in small groups​:

  • Live studio and production​, professionally managed by ​a highly experienced AV ​Production team​
  • Hosted on a secure streaming ​platform​
  • Pre-recorded or live presentations​
  • Green room kits for presenters, as required​

Christmas style ‘magazine show’ with a variety of options to choose from: ​


  • Pre-production
  • Website Build
  • CEO Pre-records
  • Creation of Party Pod (Digital)
  • Pre-recorded adverts or Musical Interludes
  • Comms Plan
  • Event Box

Live event

  • Host / Compère
  • Props, photos & #social media
  • Shout outs / ticker tape
  • Disco / DJ / Entertainment
  • Leader board / Gamification
  • Interactive Games / Competition (scavenger hunt, dares)
  • Full Production
  • Game Show (Would I lie to you / Deal or No Deal)
  • Reports
  • Rewards / Winner Announcement


  • Re-watch / Resource Library
  • Configure / Future proof
  • Reporting
  • Rewards / Winner Announcement
  • Post communication

Delegate event journey

  1. Link sent to​ event calendar invite ​& reg form ​
  2. Click link, enter info & delivery address​ for party box
  3. Guests receive their party box 1-2 days prior to event​
  4. Day of the party, click link to ​join meeting​
  5. Welcome ​to the party!​ Encourage ​hashtags​
  6. Send out Thank You​ and photos post ​event ​
  7. Reporting to track attendance
  8. Post-event survey to ​capture ​feedback ​

Sample agenda

  • 19:00 CEO intro and welcome ​
  • 19:15 Host/Compère gets the party started​​
  • 20:00 Warm up games and challenges​
  • 20:30* Main Event (*and watershed)​​
  • 22:00 Prizes and Awards ceremony​​
  • 22:15 DJ and dancing​

Create a virtual atmosphere

We will design, curate and deliver a personalised ‘virtual atmosphere in a box’ to get remote guests excited and encourage high attendance at your virtual party. ​

Delivered a couple of days before your party, contents can be themed according to your event:​​

  • Range of drinks to choose from (spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks)​
  • Wide selection of treats and nibbles​
  • Camera tri-pod and tips for how best to position yourself in front of the camera to play the games​
  • Party accessories and festive selfie props​
  • Challenge and dare cards​
  • Spot prizes - mystery envelopes to create intrigue!​
  • Award trophies / tie in with Award ceremony ​
  • Option to include after party recovery items​

Venue and party pods

Interested in getting a few people together? Consider bringing together ‘party pods’ of up to 6 guests (or however many people current guidelines allow). Each party pod will enjoy a live link up to the event and enjoy that feeling of partying with many in the safety of a small crowd.​

1| Live party locations
2| Live or virtual DJ and disco
3| Home or office based 'party pods'

A Christmas compère!

A fun, outgoing compère will host your party, keep everyone entertained and make the entire experience slick, upbeat and engaging. Or of course, consider a famous face to run the show!

Virtual activities and games

  • Deal or No Deal​
  • 5 second rule​
  • Yuletide Dash & Grab​
  • Motion Detection games​
  • Digital or projected leader boards to keep score​
  • Teams can play virtual games and compete regardless of team size or location​
  • Award ceremonies​
  • Selfies​
  • Live shout outs and personalised hashtag​
1| Main event game
2| Props and branded items
3| Drinks and snacks
4| Award ceremony
5| Curiosities
6| Dares and challenges

The main event:

Deal or no deal

  • An interactive, flexible and fun game with sealed mystery boxes​.
  • Boxes can follow the Deal or No Deal premise, or contain a mystery prize, dare or challenge​
  • Teams or individuals compete against each other to earn points or prizes​
  • A live inter-company leader-board keeps score and encourages lively competition​

Your Event​

  • Video edits of full event to be saved in a resource centre to drive users back to the site​
  • Post event analytics reporting to show activity on site pre, during & post event​

We bring together a unique combination of specialist skills to create outstanding campaigns, backed by the power of data and insight.

Our clients

Let us build you the best virtual party in 2020!

Covid-19 safe and secure
Flexible party options for all guest numbers
Unites teams and individuals
Can be played around the world
Fully immersive and interactive virtual experience
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