# 22 - Skype Today's App is 'S' for Skype or Skype for Business - Please keep scrolling and enjoy. If you like an 'App', then please click the 'Appreciate' button at the end...

'S' is for Skype - Keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family using Skype

Use Skype to communicate, chat and share video... and much more. Video calls, voice calls, group calls and instant messaging.

use your Skype across all your devices - pc, laptop, tablet, mobile, TV and Wearable technology and more...

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a part of the Office 365 suite in the University of Dundee - use this for business meetings.

Please watch this short YouTube video - showing you the potential of Skype/Skype for Business...

Now watch this short YouTube video as shown on the University of Dundee's UoDIT web pages.


Thanks for looking... It's now over to you.


All images - by Gerry Roarty

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