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Born in Deming, New Mexico, but raised all over the United States, Nicohle Christopherson came into the world on May 28th, 1989. A former Carnie, Jewelry Saleswoman, Security Guard, and now Writer, Nicohle is inspired by her experiences to create lush fantasy worlds, intriguing science fiction, and any other genre she can. A rabid anime and manga fan, Nicohle has a blog on which she reviews anime, posts short stories, and occasionally interviews someone herself. She lives somewhere in Colorado.

Nicohle Renae Christopherson

Email: nicohlechristopherson@gmail.com

Twitter: @NicohleC

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicohlechristopherson/

Instagram: nicohlechristopherson

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/nichristo

LinkedIn: Nicohle Christopherson

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPF-75KrrGZ9nkknJJIYGw

Q/A Tips

Some common questions I get:

Where do you get your inspiration from? I get most of my inspiration from dreams, along with a pinch of things that I enjoy reading or watching.

Why so many genres? There are too many to choose just one! I adore all kinds of fiction, and even some non-fiction. So how could I limit myself to just one genre?

You've had quite a lot of jobs. Do you find it hard to keep them? No, not at all. I'm a bit of a free spirit. So, it's difficult for me to stay stimulated at a sit-down job. I have to be true to myself and do what I love or I get bored.

What is your writing process? There isn't really a writing process for me. Or maybe it's just a chaotic one. I sit down, and try to write. Then I have a panic attack and do something else. Then, I convince myself to get back to writing. Rinse and repeat.

Do you do your cover art yourself? For the most part yes. I use a website called Canva for the lettering, and then I draw what I want the cover to look like. I'm getting better.

What are your goals for your career from here? Well, I want to publish many more books. Also, I hope that someday soon, I can meet with fans of my work and spend time just talking about their interpretations of the books I wrote. I love Fandom, and fanworks, like fanfiction and fanart. So, it's my dream to get any of those things for my works.

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