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A babydoll is a short, occasionally sleeveless, loose-fitting nighty. It sometimes has formed cups intended to create a built-in bralette to create cleavage, with an attached skirt falling between the upper thigh and belly button. The fabric may be sheer or opaque, or trimmed with lace, ruffles, appliqués, or various other adornments.

Perfect For:

- Concealing body -

- Loose-fitting option -

Babydoll Tip:

Wearing a Babydoll will not turn you into a "Baby-Doll"

A babydoll may make a woman look larger due to the loose fit of the fabric. If you are looking to cover some of your body, either due to discomfort or to appear demure, consider a slip or romper as a sexier option.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

A bodysuit is a one-piece form-fitting garment similar in cut to a leotard or one-piece swimsuit. It may be a plain cotton, or something more decorative, and may have any variation on sleeve length. While this is considered a clothing item, it is also complementary to the body form and therefore wonderful for boudoir as well.

Perfect For:

- Showing shape -

- Flattering all body types -

Bodysuit Tip:

Consider a bodysuit with high-cut leg openings to extend the appearance of your legs. Also be aware, dark colors and thin fabrics are more sliming, while light colors and heavy knits add weight.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

There are many available options out there for sexy bra and panty sets. When shopping for these, proper fit is very important. Be careful of push-up bras which can create an unnatural breast line, be sure the underarm fits smooth against your skin, and that you are not too voluptuous as to be overflowing from the cups. For the panties, be sure they fit smooth to the skin along the waist and leg openings, and that there is not an excess of material in the rear so as to prevent sagging fabric. Ruched bottoms can account for better lines and can create a more full appearing back side.

Perfect For:

- Showing off abs -

- Showcasing your bust -

Bra & Panty Tip:

Before jumping to push-ups, consider demi cup or underwire bras that offer strong support without adding too much size. This is typically more flattering to your proportions in camera. While padding may be useful for shaping, nothing is more beautiful than showing off your natural body with proper support.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

A bralette is a bra without wires or molded cups, similar in kind to a sports bra but without the tight woven fabric to hold you in place. They have thin, sometimes lacy straps, and provide minimal support.

Perfect For:

- Smaller busts looking to show soft curves -

- A more natural look -

Bralette Tip:

These can be appealing on small to average busted women, looking to accentuate small curves, while on larger women can serve to highlight their natural voluptuousness. Make sure the bralette you choose fits well enough to envelop at minimum the central body of your breast without lifting the strap off your chest. In camera, a strap lifted from the chest looks unnatural and uncomfortable, which is distracting to the viewer.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

A Bustier is a close-fitting, sleeveless top, similar to a corset. They may be elasticized, have boning or facing to provide shape, or have built in cups for added breast support. They do not normally cinch the waist as corsets do, though some hybrid styles combine waist cinching and breast lift.

Perfect For:

- Conceling midsection -

- Providing more bust support -

Bustier Tip:

Bustiers usually have hood-and-eye closures at the front or back as opposed to laces.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

Clothing is a fantastic option for boudoir photography! Though it may sound counter intuitive, think about wearing a leather jacket and lacy pair of underwear or ripped jeans with a sexy bra. Other options might include a thin t-shirt, an off the shoulder sweater, or something sheer over nothing else. There are so many options for clothing that can be just as sexy, if not sexier than lingerie.

Perfect For:

- Showing your personality -

- Turning something normal into something sexy -

Clothing Tip:

Try mixing clothing with lingerie. Consider items in your wardrobe that are flirty, pair a lacy thong with a tank top or button down shirt. Try a fitted women’s cut for more flattering shape or steal one of your partner’s for a constant reminder each time they wear it.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

Corsets are meant to cinch your waist and give you killer curves. They extend from chest to hips and usually tie in the back to help accentuate curves. Some underbust corsets extend from below the chest across the waist as a means to cinch the waist and allow a natural breast. Corsets can be difficult to manage on your own, don't worry, we offer assistance with fitting.

Perfect For:

- Conceling midsection -

- Showing off curves -

Corset Tip:

Larger chested women may wish to avoid corsets in favor of an option with more support such as a bustier.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

A garter belt is a band of fabric worn about the waist or hips with attached garter clips to hold up stockings or thigh highs. Sometimes, garters are built into lingerie so no belt is required. There are two types of thigh highs. The first has a rubber lining intended to help them stay up; they are not meant for garters and would be difficult to attach because of the thickness of the rubber. The second type has no rubber, and is meant to be worn with a garter belt. There is an art to attaching the stockings, and again, please do not worry, I can easily assist you and teach you how its done.

Perfect For:

- Drawing more attention to your legs -

- Making legs look extra sexy -

Garter Belt Tip:

Unless your entire ensemble is black, consider that stockings and thigh highs much darker than your skin tone can make your legs appear shorter. Consider a tone two or three shades darker than your skin tone for a flattery shade.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

Shape wear is a tight-fitting under garment meant to control and shape the figure. While originally intended for a functional purpose, there are now many beautiful options on the market which are both flattering and pleasing to the eye.

Perfect For:

- Tightening the body -

- Conceling stretch marks or scars -

Shape Wear Tip:

Shape wear is a wonderful option for ladies wishing to accentuate curves.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

A slip is a bit of fabric worn beneath a dress to prevent bulging fabric. As a garment, a full slip can be quite sensual, either fall in length from the shoulder with built in cups for support, or a half slip paired with a sexy bra for a just undressed appeal. Some slips may be loose-fitting while others may begin to cross to the shape-wear category with support panels.

Perfect For:

- Showing off your shape -

- Offers more coverge -

Slip Tip:

A slip is a great choice for being conservative but also wanting to show off a little skin.

To make your legs look longer choose a shorter length Slip.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

A teddy is a one-piece garment similar to what is currently called a jumper or romper in the fashion world, though typically more sheer. A teddy may be loose or tight fitting, made from sheer or lacy materials, or be adorned with bits of ribbon, bows, or buttons. Some have attached garters.

Perfect For:

- Showing modest amounts of skin -

- Showing Shape -

Teddy Tip:

Teddies tend to flatter a shorter torso, while making the legs and entire body appear longer. If you aren’t ready for something so revealing, try pairing it with a silky or layered sheer robe.

Hair & Make Up by: Ali, Long Island Makeup and Hair - Lingerie by: Magic Corsets

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