Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum Sydney Rees

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Family Sculpture.

As my roommate and I walked through this museum, this piece of art caught my eye. This piece is called "Family" as it is supposed to represent two parents holding onto a child. Now looking back at the photo on my phone, it does not do the sculpture justice at all by that if you could walk around the sculpture you could see more of how the back two parts of the sculpture are hovering and leaning over the bottom piece of the sculpture. Being able to see this sculpture in person allowed me to understand how those two top pieces really do encapsulate how parents act towards their children: protective and caring. Parts of the medium that caused the artwork to stand out was the idea of using the same type of metal throughout the whole sculpture and represented how this family was in unity and how they were all one piece of metal and one piece of "love". In addition, the artwork made me feel somewhat safe and comforted because it reminded me of how even though I am 800 miles away from home, my family is still always there for me and always will care for me even when I don't know.

Design of the Museum

Garden outside of the Museum

I chose to focus this page around the garden outside of the museum because I think that it is very interesting how this use of space can draw so much attention. I think that I was so drawn to this part of the museum because of how green all of the foliage was from the rain today. The contrast of the trees against the cloudy sky in the background is very magnificent and drew in my eye as well. I think that it is very interesting that the museum decided to build a garden outside to allow their viewers to not only enjoy the art inside but to also enjoy the art outside. Overall, this exhibit made me feel happy and complete because every aspect of this garden was thriving and nothing looked as though it was dying. This caused me to feel complete because there was no form of sadness to be felt at that time and the beauty of nature made me feel complete.

Art and Core Values

Portrait of Frida Kahlo

Immediately when I looked at this piece of artwork, I thought about how motivated and dedicated she looked. With the use of the colors of her dress and of the background behind her, I began to think about how there was a sense of balance associated with this picture. A core value of mine is balance: more importantly balance of my schoolwork and balance of my social life. Not only does Frida Kahlo look dedicated in this picture but she also looks very balanced within many aspects of her life. I think that the contrast in colors between the background and her dress help to represent the balance in her life: her dress being black, a more serious color, while the background being green: a more happy and vibrant color. In all, this artwork instills a sense of motivation as she is known as a very powerful and influential woman but also happiness. I think that my feelings about this piece of art represent how much both my school and my friends mean to me. In addition, I think that the fact that I see her as very motivated is because I see some of myself in her.

Art and the Good Life

Landscape with 3 Deer

I decided to capture a picture of this landscape as I thought it was very beautiful and I thought that it would capture the idea of Celebrating the Good Life. I think that it represents Celebrating the Good Life by capturing a picture of nature in order to remember that time and cherish it. Celebrating the Good Life consists of focusing on how it can be a "universal" idea and the fact that everyone can sit here and interpret this piece of art any way that they want summarizes how it connects to celebrating the good life. In all, this landscape artwork adds to my understanding of what the meaning of celebrating the good life was by allowing anyone to interpret the artwork the way that they want to but also just sitting back and celebrating the beauty that we have out there in the world can be another universal idea. Overall, this landscape can be seen as a celebration of the nature that brings us all together to find and seek for the good life.

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