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Guiding Students to Success

The NC State Division of Academic and Student Affairs provides high-impact educational activities and programs designed to promote the success of the whole student. These opportunities spur student success beyond the classroom in new and enriching environments like scholarly seminars and research. That success is then recognized on the national level as departments in the division help students plan, apply, and travel for competitive scholarships and awards.

From first-year to last-year at NC State, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs has touchpoints located all along the student’s college journey, using each moment to bolster and promote their success.

From our Vice Chancellor and Dean

“What I love at NC State is this real spirit of positivity. We are a university that’s moving forward. We identify problems. We solve those problems and, frankly, our students come here with an excitement about them that says they’re ready to go out and conquer the world in the Think and Do fashion.” - Michael D. Mullen, Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs

In this edition, we’re highlighting four major resources available from the Division of Academic and Student Affairs that enhance a student’s college experience: Both the University Honors and Scholars Programs, the Fellowship Advising Office, and the Office of Undergraduate Research. These vital programs offer unique assistance and pathways to success, especially during the all-important first year of college for NC State students, and they need your support to continue making a difference in the lives of our students

University Honors Program

NC State’s University Honors Program (UHP) adds contextual learning to real-life challenges for some of the university’s best students, asking students to push their discovery outside the textbook with unique opportunities to critically engage in meaningful problems around the world. Students identify problems, explore issues, and debate ideas across multiple disciplines.

“The University Honors Program surrounded me with some of the most dedicated scholars at NC State. When you have so many people really pushing the boundaries of academia, you can’t help but be inspired to get started yourself. The support and mentorship from the program showed me that I wasn’t just a student, but someone with the power to make a difference and change the education process.” - University Honors Student

University Scholars Program

Inspiring high-achieving students to explore concepts beyond their imagination, encouraging them to engage deeper with international opportunities, and activating their senses with outdoor education programs - for more than 35 years the NC State University Scholars Program has used experiences like these to transforms students into active citizens and prepare them for a rapidly evolving world.

“It was great to live with people who were just as dedicated to their school work and learning as I was, but who also loved to explore new opportunities. - Lindsay Richardson, University Scholars Student

Honors Seminars

UHP students are required to participate in the honors seminars (HON) designed to transform them into knowledge-creators within their own discipline while stimulating an undergraduate culture of research and thinking across disciplines. The HON seminars prepare undergraduates for future discovery, inquiry, and creativity to help solve the grand challenges that often impact societies in unexpected ways.

The small class sizes provide an ideal setting for constructive argumentation, analysis, synthesis, and pointed conclusions as students are expected to understand both the history and consequences of discoveries, inventions, new art forms, new ideas, and books related to the seminars.

Scholars Forums

USP students are required to participate in a number of Scholars Forums aimed at expanding the learning experience for undergraduates to include controversial issues and cutting edge technologies. These forums ask students to take what they already know about specific topics and unpack that information into a broader context with a range of questions drawn from the arts, the sciences, and politics.

Forums feature musical and theatrical performances, addresses by major public figures, world-class scientists, renowned authors, conversations with faculty members, and debates of significant public policy issues.

University Honors Program by the numbers

University Scholars Program by the numbers

Student Body President Jackie Gonzalez and Vice President Mia Connell put their handprints on the Freedom Expression Tunnel during Respect the Pack

NC State changes lives

In 2017 30 UHP students participated in a spring break trip focused on the Civil Rights Movement

UHP and USP students receive highly-honors scholarships like the Churchill Scholarship, Goldwater Scholarship, and Hollings Scholarship.

UHP and USP students are selected to be leaders on campus, including Student Body President and Leader of the Pack

“College was difficult and a little scary for me, and I know it is for a lot of other people. USP creates a great ground for learning and difficult conversations that are needed to get a well-rounded education. USP helped me branch out, make friends, and have conversations with people who I never imagined I would meet.” - Jackie Gonzalez, Student Body President
“As alumni of NC State and graduates of the University Scholars Program, we have first hand experience with the value that the Scholars Program provided us as students and (we’d like to think!) to our employers and communities. Today, perhaps more than ever, students are challenged to obtain skills in both strictly academic as well as non-academic spheres, as well as navigate an increasingly complex global job market and economy. The Scholars Program exists in part to support them in meeting that challenge, and we believe in supporting these programs that were such an important part of our NC State experience.” -Michelle and LJ Wobker ‘99

Undergraduate Research

At NC State, we challenge our students to dive deeper in their fields of study to produce meaningful research even before they earn their degrees. This promotion of discovery, inquiry, and creativity through mentored research experiences is the job of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).

Through events like symposiums, where students present their research locally, to grants sending students off to national councils, thousands of research endeavors have been supported.

Including events like:

  • Symposiums: annual local and state-wide events where undergraduates share their research and creative projects with the campus and public.
  • Speed Data-ing: a play on the idea of speed dating, this provide first and second year students an opportunity to meet faculty and learn about trending research.
  • Grants: helping students fund their research and creative endeavors.
  • Undergraduate Research Student Advisory Council (URSAC): gives students the opportunity to weigh in on future events while growing as researchers.
  • ACC Meeting of the Minds: one of the highest honors for research students, it’s an annual conference showcasing six outstanding undergraduate researchers from NC State and each ACC university

Undergraduate Research

Research Symposiums

What good is research if it isn’t shared? The OUR created University Symposiums specifically with that in mind: annual poster sessions at the Talley Student Union occuring in April, July, and August where undergraduates share their research and creative projects with the campus and the public. Those presentations are then judged by college and discipline representatives. Those selected by the judges receive a certificate and reception.


Aside from learning about all the research opportunities available, the Speed Data-ing event doubles as a great networking opportunity for students. They’re able to meet faculty outside the classroom in a casual setting, opening doors to a better mutual understanding and relationship.

Speed Data-ing

Deciding on what to research can, sometimes, be more perplexing than the research itself! Speed Data-ing, a play on the idea of speed dating, provides first and second year students an opportunity to meet faculty and learn about trending research. These quick meetings give undergraduates a taste of many different research opportunities without having to dive too deep.

Evan Brooks, Biological Sciences Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention

Fellowship Advising Office

There’s no denying it; students and alumni of NC State University have academic achievements worthy of recognition. All 10 NC State colleges having national-level award nominees, finalists, or recipients, but entering this arena to vie for awards of such high caliber takes a team. That’s when the Fellowship Advising Office becomes critical to shining the spotlight on our hard-working individuals and the university as a whole.

Mentoring more than 180 award recipients since 2011, the Fellowship Advising Office helps NC State’s undergraduate students, graduate students, and alums learn of and apply for nationally competitive and prestigious awards such as the Rhodes, Churchill, Fulbright, Goldwater, and Truman programs.

Christopher Cooper

Christopher Cooper

“A remarkable young man who combines a high level of intellectual achievement with outstanding leadership potential in chemical engineering and solar cell research.” - Tiffany Kershner, Director NC State Fellowship Advising Office

A senior majoring in chemical engineering and economics at North Carolina State University has been awarded a prestigious 2017 Churchill Scholarship.

The Virginia Beach, Va. native will use the merit-based award to travel to and from the United Kingdom and pursue a one-year master’s degree in chemical engineering and biotechnology at the University of Cambridge beginning in fall 2017.

More about Chris: go.ncsu.edu/ccooper

Kobi Felton

Kobi Felton

A North Carolina State University senior majoring in chemical and biomolecular engineering and minoring in Spanish, has been awarded a 2018 Marshall Scholarship.

Felton will use the two-year scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in chemical engineering at the University of Cambridge beginning in fall 2018 and then a master’s degree in nanomaterials at Imperial College London in the second year.

“As NC State’s first black recipient of a Marshall Scholarship, I stand on the shoulders of many people who have been role models for me.” - Kobi Felton

More about Kobi: go.ncsu.edu/kfelton


The Fellowship Advising Office works one-on-one with candidates by:

  • Meeting to discuss their goals and interests
  • Helping them identify matching opportunities
  • Reviewing and critiquing drafts of application essays and statements
  • Providing institutional endorsements for candidates who are nominated
  • Submitting application materials at the national level on behalf of candidates
  • Staging practice interviews simulating the national level interviews

Impact of Private Support

Through our high-impact programs like University Honors and Scholars, Undergraduate Research, and Fellowship Advising, NC State Academic and Student Affairs is able to offers amazing experiences for high-achieving students that expand and mold them into community leaders like yourself, who aim to enrich the lives of those around them.

Your contributions help make all of this possible:

  • Invite more well-known speakers to
  • weekly lecture series
  • Support cultural and educational
  • enrichment opportunities
  • Help students and alumni access more competitive awards in the national arena
  • Offer financial assistance to students participating in service, research, and professional development.

Your generous support, whether that be your time, wisdom, or financial investment, helps to continue the high quality of student opportunities that has come to be part of the NC State reputation. An investment in the future of our students is an investment in the future of our community.

Allison Quinn and McCarty Kennedy represent their wolf hands during new student orientation

Invest In Our Students

As an alum, parent, or supporter of NC State, you are integral to our long-term commitment to student success. Tuition and fees fund only a portion of the division’s programs and services. By supporting Academic and Student Affairs, you are impacting the lives of students by giving them the freedom to explore their passions while pursuing an exceptional academic experience.

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