The Center of the Earth: Hollow Earth or Hell by mccormick morenz

What do you think is in the center of the earth? Do think it is hell or hollow? I heard that people drilled into hell and heard the screams from hell. I also heard there’s entries to the hollow center. Many people wonder if the center of the earth is hollow or Hell. Researching the Hollow Earth Theory and "the center of Earth is Hell" shows what is in the center of the Earth.

This picture shows where the center of the Earth is.

Theory 1

This is the opening to the center of the Earth.

My first theory is that the Hollow Earth Theories that believes that aliens, central suns, and mythical subterranean cities are in the inner Earth. These inner aliens are thought to be more technologically advanced than us on the surface. Earth showed a big hole in the North Pole that people saw from outer space at the space station. People think the hole is the entry to the center of the Earth. This was enough to support the Hollow Earth Theory.

The central sun is found in inner Earth.
This represents the inner aliens in Hollow Earth.

Theory 2

My second theory is, “the center of the Earth is Hell.” People say they drilled into hell. Miners drilled a depth of 12km and hit an empty space under Earth's crust. This space had temperatures of 2,000˚F. They wanted to record sounds of plate movement. They heard sounds and thought it was equipment error. But it wasn't the equipment, it was thousands to millions of people screaming in pain. The screaming people were being tortured in Hell. Do you think we should be worried? Would you be worried if it is true if we actually are living on top of hell?

This is the burning fires of Hell.
Dr. Azzacove is the head miner when they drilled into the empty space.

What I believe

After much research on the topic of, “what is in the center of the earth,” I have concluded that I mostly agree with theory #2. This theory states that the center of the earth is Hell. I agree with it being Hell because I heard a recording of thousands of people screaming. You can not get the sounds I heard from our technology we have today.


The Hollow Earth Theory and "the center of Earth is Hell" shows that the center of the Earth is home to aliens or dead souls. This is important so we know if we are living on a hollow Earth or an Earth with dead souls in it. This is interesting because it talks about what we are living around and how people have different theories.

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