My Project on Cottontail Rabbits by Scooby Doo

I chose this topic because I find rabbits very interesting.

A cottontail rabbit is called a cottontail because its tail is small and fluffy like a cotton ball. The cottontail's eyes are very large so it can see predators coming.

Here we see those large eyes, looking for predators.

Large ears make it easy to hear anything that's moving.

Here is a cottontail in his natural environment. They can be found all over the world.


Created with images by Vincent van Zalinge - "untitled image" • David Solce - "Cute Bunny" • Ray Hennessy - "Brown rabbit green grass" • Sandy Millar - "This beautiful mini-lop joined our family after the Christchurch earthquakes. He was named Radar because one ear always stood up!" • Gary Bendig - "Weed Bunny" • Nathan Anderson - "Brown rabbit green foliage" • Kyle Johnston - "One of the many rabbits hanging around the house this Spring." • Martina Vitáková - "On the walk through the forest, I’ve met this little guy."