Should Special Arts In Schools Get More Funding? Catarina Parenti Period 7

Special arts are very underfunded, but they are very important to a student’s education. However, they often are not seen as such. Special arts should get more funding in schools and school districts. This money could be raised from fundraising or possibly a sponsor if any would donate. There could also possibly be a cut back on funding for something that doesn’t need all the funding it currently gets. Getting teachers to agree would be fairly easy as having special arts is known to improve students’ focus and give them a break so they are more cooperative during class. The school boards would just have to use the fundraiser or sponsor money and improve the special art program if there is one, or, if there isn’t one, add it to the school. It could greatly improve education as a whole, but doesn’t exist in every school.

Many schools have no special arts at all. No drama, no orchestra, no band, not even art! This can cause many problems. Not every student is the same and every student has different needs and interests. These special art classes are what makes most kids want to stay in school. Yes, some kids might enjoy math and science and want to pursue a career in that subject, but not every student will. It is not fair to those students who want to pursue a career or have an interest in a special art class, but are unable to get it due to lack of funding. Those children are losing an important part of their education, and it is one of the most important parts of education.

Special arts are a huge part of the education system that every kid needs. Without it students do not receive as good of an education.They need a break and need to be able to use their creativity. Some people could argue that they can use creativity in other classes. While this is true in some cases, the amount of creativity in classes that aren’t special arts. Math can’t have the same amount of creative freedom that an art class could allow. This means that without special art classes students can’t ever reach their full potential and their imagination can’t fully grow. These classes are essential to a student’s quality of education, and could really improve their life.

Schools exist and are meant to prepare students for the future. That is what every student is told. They come to school to learn skills and concepts that can help them later in life. Without special arts the students are missing out on a lot of skills that could really help them later on in life. They aren’t getting drama. This class helps with getting more comfortable with speaking in public to peers and elders alike. They aren’t getting art. This helps with creativity and possibly problem solving as well as improving creativity. They are also missing out on band and orchestra. These are good subjects to help students’ learn hard work and responsibility because they have to practice a lot and take care of their instrument. They may be able to get lots of life skills from math, sciences, and reading or English, but that only prepares them for part of life. Student’s should be fully prepared, not partially.

Overall there are more benefits to special art classes than there are disadvantages. These subjects are just as important as the academic subjects, and, like the academic subjects, these classes need funding. Without them, a piece of a student’s education is missing. This issue needs to be fixed before children are never able to learn something that could have changed their education, changed their future, changed their life.

My name is Izzy. I am a dedicated music person, but I love everything about art and drama as well. As do all my friends and most people I know do. Even the teachers were for it, but this agreement didn’t mean much. It had lasted for a long time, but, like everything beautiful, it can’t last forever.

I was 15 when it happened. The arts classes were removed from every school in every country. It was tragic. So many lost employment, so many lost what their future was based on, so many lost their career, so many dropped out of school, everyone was affected. All this loss for money, for lack of funding. It wasn’t right.

It wasn’t sudden though. In fact, it had been happening for a long time. Funding for schools had lowered and lowered, forcing schools to remove something in order to continue to function, and, unfortunately, the arts are always the first to go. Well one day the lack of funding became too much, so they removed arts completely. No one was happy about this, but nothing was being done to stop it either, until one day it became too much for everybody.

I woke up to my TV turning on by itself to broadcast an emergency news report. People all across the country, from Florida and Maine, to Texas, to California were destroying schools, stealing things, rioting, painting graffiti everywhere, going on strike, and any other sign of rebellion you could think of. It was happening.

Not just in the US though, it was happening in every country. The world was standing up for the arts. They are too important to live without. I was shocked. People from the age of 80 to 8 years old were out there standing up for a piece of their life, and I wasn’t going to sit around. I went out with friends and helped. This was ridiculous. No one was even doing anything to stop us. They agreed. For once in who knows how many years, people all agreed on something.

It took four years to recover from the damage the lack of art had created, but only a week to cause it. This was seventy years ago, but I will never forget it. No one who was alive then will forget it, and no one anytime soon will either. It was an important part of history. It taught people that the arts matter. That they affect not just the art people, but everyone. The arts provide the color to our life, and entertainment as well. We could not function as a person, a country or a world without it.


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