Women in Afghanistan Under the Taliban By Hahyun & Zainab

It is compulsory for Afghani women to cover themselves with the burqa at all times. According to the Taliban spokesman, "the face of a woman is a source of corruption" for men not related to them.

Gender Policies

  • Women have to be covered at all times, as well as accompanied by a male relative when out in public.
  • It is not permissible for women to wear high-heels, as their footsteps are not to be heard (so as to not draw any male attention).
  • Strangers are not allowed to hear a woman's voice (therefore, women may not speak loudly in public).
  • Ground floor and first floor windows must be painted over so that women are not visible from the street.
  • Photographing or filming of women is not permissible for display in newspapers, books, shops, or even their homes.
  • Places are not allowed to have names that include the word "women"
  • Women are not allowed to appear on the balconies of their homes
  • The presence of women on the radio, television, or public gatherings is banned.
Women in Afghanistan are denied basic human rights by the Taliban.

Denial of basic human rights for women

  • Women are banned from being educated
  • Women are banned from working
  • Women are banned from leaving the house without a male chaperone
  • Women are banned from showing their skin in public
  • Women are banned from accessing healthcare delivered by men (as women are unable to work, healthcare is virtually inaccessible).
  • Women are banned from being involved in politics.
Women are banned from being educated

Gender Inequality Index

  • Women in parliament: 27.6%
  • Females over 25 with a secondary education: 5.8%
  • Maternal Mortality (100,000): 460
  • Women in labour force: 16%


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