Plant Based Toxicology by: Riley McCown

The human race has always been fascinated with death. we have not only seen what happens yet we seem to want to come up with the best way to cause this end of all things. yet no matter how hard we try it seems that the world of plants and mushrooms will always have the upper hand in this endeavor. So I delved deep unto this topic and tried to find out how the plants live and most of all, kill.

Drawing of a Human Skull

The world of deadly plants has a tendency to make plants that look innocent, but do as twisted things as the names describe.

These plants and "shrooms" change to a more deadly form for multiple reasons. weather it be so they have a chance to re produce, or to just not be eaten or harmed they become more and more potent with each new plant.


Deadly plants can be found across the world, and these.. are the most deadly of them all.

Lily of the Vally (Convallaria Majalis)

Found in forests of North America and Europe, has small white bell blossoms that droop twords the ground.

Lily of the Valley Blossoms

Oleander (Nerium Oleander)

A beautiful vibrant pink plant native to Asia it is loved for its growth patterns and how it looks in full bloom.

Oleander Blooms

White Snakeroot / Rich weed ( Ageratina Altissima)

A 1 1/2ft / 3ft tall plant with a thin stem and small blossoms it is commonly found in the planes states of North America.


Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna)

a small plant, it has verdant purple blossoms and berries that turn a dark purple/black when ripe.

Nightshade blooms

Aconite / Monkshood / Devils Helmet / Wolfsbane (Aconitum Napellus)

A tall plant found in Europe and Asia it has purple blossoms that ( hence its name ) look not unlike a hood or helm.



The planet is covered in killing mushrooms these not only tend to have better names but tend to do a lot more long term compounding damage

Angel Wing (Pleurocyabella Porrigens)

A stacking gilled white mushroom that grows on wood decay it tends to grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere

Angel Wing Growth

Deadly Webcap (Cortinarius Rubellus)

A small brown mushroom found in areas dance with conifer it is part of the orellani family.


Autumn Skullcap (Galerina Merginata)

Another brown mushroom (yay stereotypes) it grows around the world, from the Arctic to Australia

Stems of the Autumn Skullcap

The Destroying Angles ( Amantia Ocreata [NA], Amantia Virosa [Europe] )

A white non gilled mushroom it has a molting white stem it grows in Europe and North America.

Destroying Angel Caps

Death Cap (Amantia Phalloides)

A brown mushroom found in Europe it is commonly found underneath oak trees.

Death Cap Mushrooms

The race is left in the dust by the world of deadly plants. yet with so many of them looking so innocent or just like other edible plants mother nature is also better at hiding them from us.

So in all please

Check Before You Chomp

So you don't meet him
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