This is my application letter for the role of the vision mixer, which I eventually got the role. I had an idea of what a vision mixer was and what I needed to put on the application

Textual analysis of TV ‘Make’

The set is colourful because their target audience will be children or teenagers who prefer bright colours The set design clearly stands out with blue as it’s main colour and people will know that it is a Blue Peter show when they see the background. It is like their trademark
The table is organized so that the audience can clearly see the materials needed. Usually, makes have finished versions ready under the table so that time isn’t wasted waiting for the make to be finished or ready but for this make, the product did not need much time and materials needed so it was shown on the spot.

The materials were listed by the presenter pointing at the materials on the table. There were only 2 materials needed so a material animation was not necessary

During the make, this animation pops up with their website to show where people can find them for instructions
The identity of the programme is shown through the beginning sting with their Blue Peter logo. There is no sting in the middle of the whole show as the make itself did not need much time.
There is one demonstrator/leader and three guests. The demonstrator first shows how to make the product to the 3 guests They are dressed casually so the audience feels comfortable. They talk about people who want to dance like the guest and how they can start dancing. The guests are casts from "The Next Step" which is apparently a big hit with their target audiences, teenagers/children. Through this, they briefly relate the make product to how these guests can use it. They mention how everyone is excited for the next episode and even make a pun with the programme name, trying to relate it to something of the target audiences int rests.

The tone of the presenter is very causal, not very formal so the audience can understand and follow. The language is very simple for the audience to understand as their target audience is teenagers. These choices of language ensure that it appeals to the audience so that the audience can know they can understand and follow through with everything they are saying

The wide shot is the main shot showing the make table and the presenters. It the safety shot to go back to whenever needed
The mid shots are used to show more close shots of the specific person/people to show reactions and expression
Medium close up has a similar function to the mid shot but rather shows more facial expressions
The close up is used to show how to make the product. Close ups are used in every make to show little details of how to make the product
The camera would be the camera doing the wide shot of the presenters and the make table. The cameras on the left and right would take care of the mid shot, the medium close up, and for the one of the right, close up of the presenter's hands

This make was very fast and simple so not much time was needed. There are 5 steps in total and they are indicated by the presenter’s transitions such as “then" , "the next step", "the next thing", "and then”.

The structural order goes as follows: Intro, Demo, Challenge, Outro. The different structures are indicated by the presenter’s words such as “we’re going to get started" , "this wouldn’t be a blue peter challenge", "thank you for joining us”

Analysis of distribution and reception of South Park

South Park is distributed by the classic TV broadcasting on Comedy Central. South Park is Comedy Central's biggest show. They also broadcast on international TV that have their own diversions of Comedy Central.

South Park had their own streaming site called South Park Studios they stream full episodes. It is not open in Hong Kong. Here people can legally watch episodes without paying, All people will need to do is make an account.
It is also legally available on Hulu. Because of this, the video on South Park Studios are streamed with Hulu player
Many illegal streaming sites stream all episodes of the show. Many have not been taken down. Most people who do not have Hulu or are in places that South Park Studio is not open rather watch episode on these websites as they upload videos at around the same time legal sites do
South Park has a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube page which upload nearly the same content. These account are really just for fans. They upload running gags as memes for viewer amusment

This show has gained a lot fame from their theme of mocking society and getting recent news and making a laughing matter. They use a lot of running gags, sexual content, violence as shock factor, which resulted in many controversies. Since South Park first debuted, it received incredibly high ratings in Comedy Central history. South Park made Comedy Central into the one of the fastest growing cable channels. It received many awards for animation and was picked for many "Best TV shows of all time" lists

This show has been creating many controversies for their use of swear words, depiction of religious or famous figures such as Muhammad, Virgin Mary and Steve Irwin. They were also called out for their depiction of liberals. The creator did not want anything to do with politics, it was just that they hated liberals.

Process of "Make"

(12/20/16) This is the process of the sting that goes in between the scenes. I had no idea what a sting was and how these animations are popping up live until i actually got to the tricaster. At first it was only 1 second long, but I was told it had to be longer so I made it two seconds by adding the hole punching and making the light come on slower

Since we had no group name or slogan, I went simply with what we were making for the sting. The black rectangle is the tin can and the holes are punched in. The background turns dark so that the light can show. Usually, the can would come down with the holes punched in already, but it was too short so I had to add in the hole punching after the tin can came down

Distribution possibilities

We can ensure our target audience is reached through social media. As a group, we could advertise ourselves on sites that our target audience, teenagers, use the most, such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook (not so much since quantitative data shows that the use of Facebook has been falling through the years), and Instagram. Since teenagers spend most of their time on their phones, even when scrolling through without thought, we can at least make them aware that our group exists and they can say "I've seen them somewhere".

Production Report

Overall, in my opinion production went very well. We were in a tight spot because we were first to film, but we had our idea set and had everything ready by the end. One thing I would change would be the finished product. We didn't have the finished product in the make and instead showed a video of the finished make that Yan filmed. In my opinion, as a group we did quite well taking into fact that we were first to film and were rushed the most. We had a group chat talking about how the sting should look like and things we needed. There was technically difficulty during the rehearsal but we got everything done and had many take. Personally, I think that the glitch in the make made the whole show look messy. The green screen was not supposed to be there and the sting was supposed to end when everything disappears, but instead it got cut off in the middle and would switch back to camera 1. Once during the make, I accidentally pressed for the sting to pop up and had to quickly change it back, which made the programme more messy in my opinion.

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