Sam Trent The Lewis and clark expedition

The small and young nation of America had become overcrowded. To stop this country from possibly crumbling on itself, President Thomas Jefferson paid a large sum of money for the Louisiana Territory. However, this territory needed a way from one side to the other. To answer the call to action, Jefferson hired Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to man the head of a cross-country expedition to chart the uncharted, trailblaze through untamed wilderness, and most of all, have unrivaled courage. However they also had another goal in mind, which was a rumored waterway to the West deemed the Northwest Passage.

The journey began on the banks of the Ohio River, at a branch joining the Ohio River and the Mississippi River. Whole families gathered there to watch the crew set off. The crew led by Lewis and Clark went up the Missouri River to explore the new land. In a timely manner, they soon reached the rolling, lush plains of the Midwest. Soon they met Native Americans, some friendly, some not. But no matter the nature of these tribes, The Corps gave them gifts such as pork, flour, and tobacco.
In due time, the group found themselves in the land of the Mandan tribe. Lewis and Clark were not the first explorers to arrive, however. There were all looking for the Northwest Passage. The Mandan let them stay across the river. The Corps built a fort to protect themselves from the elements. The winter at Fort Mandan was not a waste of time, however. Lewis and Clark met a woman named Sacagawea, who was from the Shoshone tribe. She was kidnapped under the cover of darkness by the Mandan ad lived in the village ever since. She was also pregnant at the time. Somehow, she had learned another language other than the language of her people. Because of this, Sacagawea became part of a translator chain and also became a guide for the Corps.
After the stay at Fort Mandan, the explorers entered the Rocky Mountains, where dangers await. This part of the trek was arguably the hardest part of the entire journey. After spending many days rowing up the river, Lewis and Clark arrived at the Great Falls, which proved the Northwest Passage did not exist. Soon, Sacagawea was reunited with the Shoshone, who greeted her with joy. The Shoshone in thanks gave the adventurers a way through the mountains. After many days of journeying, Lewis and Clark found the edge of the mountains.
The Corps, after over a year of hardship, found the Pacific Ocean. The journey was nearly over. The group now only needed to go be with their families and wives. On the way home, Lewis and Clark agreed to split the group and take different paths to the Yellowstone River in Wyoming. Sacagawea now returned to the Mandan. The group entered the country welcomed as heroes. Lewis shared his sketches with Jefferson, then explained the truth about the Northwest Passage. In conclusion, the Lewis and Clark expedition is an amazing journey.


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