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Planning weddings are stressful! From the perfect dress to the reception to the ceremony, the invitations, the meal and so on there are a lot of things to stress about during the planning of your wedding; your beauty routine shouldn't need to be one of them. Here are my favorite things for brides to think about during their wedding planning... at least when it comes to beauty.

1: Never pick a makeup artist or hair stylist based solely on their price. Yes it should be within your budget but be sure that the person you are picking to be such a big part of your wedding day does the style of hair and makeup you want and will be able to execute it to your liking. Remember its never going to look the same on you as it does in that picture you love but a good artist/ stylist will be able to take what you see and make it fit to you so that it suits you in the best possible way. Also be sure to schedule a trial run with your artist so you can be sure its what you want then take photos of your makeup in different lighting, both with and without flash so that you can see what your makeup will look like under different conditions.

2: If you do not wear makeup regularly be sure to let your artist know so that they can be sure you look as natural as possible while still having that extra boost makeup offers. While a little extra is always a good idea on your wedding day so you look your very best in those pictures you'll no doubt be taking its also still important to feel and look like yourself. They're marrying you for you so they want to see the person they love and know walking down the isle.

3: If your more comfortable with a tan even a light one get the spray tan! Now when I say spray tan i certainly don't mean those tanning booths where you have to stand in a million different positions and get the same generic tan that everyone who uses the booth gets; I mean go get a professional spray by someone experienced in spray tanning who can customize the shade and darkness of the color so that it not only suits your skin tone but you don't turn any unfortunate colors that are darn near impossible to get rid of! Now I understand it isn't always the most comfortable thing standing naked infront of a stranger while they spray you but any good artist will always make you feel very comfortable about the whole situation while never putting your body down or gossiping about it. Any great spray tan professional I have had spry me were some of the most empowering women and actually left me feeling a little better about my body. Get reviews on spray tanning pros before going; people will always be willing to tell you if they've had a fantastic or awful expirence.

4: Get that pedicure you've been saying your going to get forever! Ladies nothing ruins those gorgeous shoes that you spent hours picking out and are going to promptly take off at the reception faster than some unsightly toes! Darn near everyone ends up barefoot at the end of the night make sure your feet are up to par with the rest of your outstanding wedding. Also be sure to get a top notch manicure; not only is everyone going to ask to see the ring from the moment you get engaged but there will often be pictures of your hands taken by the photographer to show off both yours and your loved ones rings.

5: Pack a day of bag or tote box. Be prepared for many different situations that can arise on your big day. Pack an extra lipstick so you can reapply throughout the day, lipstick remover wipes (especially for the bolder bride wearing red lipstick), q-tips to touch up any mascara and lipstick runs, a travel size bottle of setting spray to mist of when you feel you need a little extra staying power. Also be sure to pack things like Tylenol, bandaids and a minion sewing kit.

6: Get your best skin. For atlas 3 months out from your wedding get a monthly facial with the last one being atlas a week- two weeks before your wedding depending on your skin sensitivity. Facials can drastically improve a persons skin and going to a licensed estheticiton you can get the help deciding exactly what type of facial will be best for the goals your trying to achieve with your skin while helping the boot your skins overall appearance and your confidence in your skin.

7: We've all been told only a million times we need to drink more water and that it will help us not only be healthier but improve our skin; they weren't kidding, it really will. Start at least three months before your wedding making sure to drink atlas 8 ounces of water every couple of hours to ensure you are getting enough water to flush out toxins and hydrate as well as bring life back to your skin.

8: Dont let your wedding day be the first time you wear false lashes. There is nothing worse that the feeling of something messing with your eyes. False lashes are not always comfortable the first time you wear them because you are not used to the added weight of the lashes nor are you used to the added length that they will provide often causing them to sometimes hit within your peripheral vision.

9: whiten your teeth before your wedding. this will be the day your smile the most so those pearl whites will will be on full display be sure they look their best. Most toothpastes now days ave whitening power to then but not best results invest in either whitening strips, trays or go to your dentist for professional whitening.

10: Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. I literall can not say it enough. Dry skin is not happy skin and will not be glowing on your wedding day. Use a daily lotion on your body that offers deep and long lasting moisture. Then be sure to use a moisturizer on your face even if your oily they do make specific products just for you. Makeup goes on far better on healthy and moisturized skin and will last far longer. .

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