damian lillards life

In this article you will learn about the basketball player Damian Lillard that was born in Oakland in 1990., who plays for our home team, The Portland Trail Blazers. I'm going to give you a deep look into his life before, during and after his professional career. From his time in middle school to his last years in high school. He went through many struggles to reach his goal in his life which ended making him a basketball legend in this year.

young lillard.

Damian Lillard was born on july 15, 1990 Oakland California, United States. During his junior high and senior years of high school during his private( sophomore) the coach did not see potential in Damians heart and as a player. Then kept him from playing that season. Because he wasn't getting any play time and Damians parents struggled to play for school, Lillard transferred to oakland high. Later on, he went to weber state university as one of the top players in the big sky conference. He had many early challenges which helped in his Development in the NBA. Thanks to his dad, who forced Damian to shoot the ball left handed it Developed resource and fullness on the court.

damian lillarad at the big sky confrence.

In his second year with blazers) he became the top point guards in the league,helping the blazers reach the best records in the western conference. He was named the fourth rookie of the year after other players like Blake Griffin, David Robinson and Ralph Sampson. 2014 to 2015 Lillard extended his apart of his first all star game because he was so good. Thanks to him and the last second winning shot, the Blazers made it to the playoffs in may 2014. He was the first player in the NBA history to register 30+ points in their playoff debut.

trail blazers sombol

Damian Lillard continues to break records in his past few games and is a person that holds a respectable place in the NBA which will last for many years to come. No matter how many things set him back he never gave up on his dream to become a basketball player in the NBA. He is my icon and I wish that someday I will be like Damian Lillard.

this is a dimagram of the trail blazers court.

Trail Blazers court


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