Goodbye and good luck dougie!

Written by Chloe Ruddiman, HND Practical Journalism

In 2015, Douglas Smith joined the Students' Association as Liaison Officer. Dougie managed the operation, development and delivery of a student-centred Students' Association, providing a broad range of opportunities for engagement, representation and influence.

One of the main roles of a SALO is to mentor and support the elected Student President. Current Student President Ian Gilmour looked up to Dougie:

“Dougie has been a fantastic mentor to me over the past few years and I have learnt a lot from him, for that I am eternally grateful.”

“I won't have as much day-to-day contact with students - I think I'll miss that.”

Elections at the Students’ Association occur annually with the Student President’s election taking place in spring and the Student Executive Officers' elections falling in the autumn season. The elections were the most enjoyable experience for Dougie:

“I've been involved in loads of elections and I always love them. I admire any student who has the courage to put themselves out there and stand, I love the energy of the campaign. I'm a politics geek so I love the count and although it's always hard for the losing candidates, I love the joy and promise of those elected at the announcement event.”

Dougie now begins his new role as Development Consultant for the National Union of Students UK(NUS), working to develop strong and effective Students’ Associations throughout Scotland’s colleges. However, he will greatly miss working at CitySA with the staff being “without a doubt” what he’ll miss most.

“All of the staff at the SA made my job fun, made me laugh and challenged me to work hard for the students of City. They do an amazing job and I'm proud to have helped.”

With every job, along with the good times there were also challenges and Dougie was no stranger to this. A big part of his job was to get students engaged with the SA and the college:

“I don't think we've totally overcome that hurdle, but we've made a lot of progress. We've brought in a Communications Strategy, developed a platform for digital democracy, got a new staff member working on our communication channels and invested heavily in our promotional materials - as well as starting this magazine!”

Inspirational, motivational and genius are a few of the many words Dougie’s colleagues would use to describe him. With being a Scout Leader and having been struck by lightning in Nova Scotia in 2004, Dougie’s professional and personal life has been nothing but fascinating so far and the staff at CitySA all wish him well for his new job.

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