Abby Nommay's Portfolio CU 1010

This portfolio is a fun way to showcase the success skills learned and practiced in CU1010, creating a variety of new techniques that students can look back on and use in their academic careers. Studies will be done on Mindset, Self-Management, Learning, Exams, Collaborative/ Interpersonal Skills and Goals. The overall objective of this portfolio is to promote academic success by introducing new methods of academic participation and studying in order for students to pin point what works for them, resulting in new mindsets, better grades and, hopefully, a more positive outlook.

Reflective Introduction

Learning Objective #1: Mindset

Learning Objective #2: Self Management

Learning Objective #3: Learning

Self Designed Exhibit #1

Learning Objective #4: Exams

Learning Objective #5: Collaborative/Interpersonal Skills

Learning Objective #6: Goals

Self Designed Exhibit #2


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