FITT and SAID By: Jaya G.

(FITT) Frequency -The frequency is the amount of time you engage in physical activity/exercise. It refers to how often you perform exercises. Example: workout at the gym 3 days a week, 2 days ride the bike, 2 days focus on core strengthening.

The importance of Frequency: Frequency is very crucial, because it is important to know how much you are exercising and why you are exercising to maintain balance. You will need to balance your food and exercise to keep your body running at optimal pace. If you do too much or exercising and eating your body will not wok properly.

(FITT) Intensity - The intensity is how hard you exercise. Example: Use 10 lbs weights to dumbbell curls, walk on a constant incline, run at 5.1 on the treadmill. Moderate, Slow and High Intensity.

The importance of Intensity: It is important to measure the intensity of your exercise as the intensity will determine how well you are working out. The best way to monitor intensity would be to get a heart rate device that will monitor the beats per minute. The devices that you can purchase are FIT BIT, heart monitor on a watch, or on a treadmill you can monitor your heart rate.

(FITT) Time-The time you spend exercising. Example: 20-30 min on bike, 25 min weight lifting and 10 min min stretching.

The importance of Time: The time you spend is important in reaching your fitness goals. The time you spend on exercise will depend directly on what exercise that you are performing. Consistency of time on a weekly and monthly basis is the key to fitness success.

(FITT) Type -The type of exercise that you undertake. Example: rope exercise, ball exercise, weight lifting.

The importance of Type: The type of exercise your perform will have a big effect on the results that your will get for your fitness goals. It is going to be very important that you what your fitness goals are to customize the type of exercise you will perform.

(SAID) Specific - The specific is the identified tasks that your want to achieve. Example: want to kick a soccer ball higher.

The importance of Specific: It is important to know what your goal is and the specific task that you will want to achieve it.

(SAID) Adaptation ~ When you are body is put under stress it will adapt to the specific tasks. Example: Everyday start kicking the ball for 25 minutes 5 days a week. Also to strengthen the muscles in your legs you start to do leg curls everyday and squats in addition to muscle stretching.

The importance of Adaptation: Adaptation is important as repetition will allow your brain to adapt to the specific tasks and start to change the muscles physically.

(SAID) Imposed - The training that is imposed in the process of succeeding at your fitness goal will be key. The tasks imposed will be tasks that you perform and allow your body to adapt to and grow.

The importance of Imposed: It is important to keep imposing the tasks to get to your fitness goals. The basic rule in fitness is getting better at anything is to keep progressing the level of difficulty of the training without getting hurt or overtired.

(SAID) Demands - The demands that your impose on your body through training are important in reaching your fitness goal. Overworking your body can reverse the effects of your training goals.

The importance of Demand: It is important to have the right demand. If you are starting something new, it takes time for your body to get used too. For example, if your goal is to do a set of 100 push up non-stop, you will need to start off by doing 25 and add 10 each workout. You cannot just do 100 push up on your first or second try, you have to give your body some time to get used to it. That also doesn't mean that you stick with 25 forever. Eventually, 25 will become easy and you will have to start doing more.

Some Helpful Tips:
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Some stretches to help you become fit and skinny are, mountain pose, chair pose, puppy on chair, downward dog, worrier ll, etc. For more information on stretches and exercise to become more fit and skinny visit our website or contact us we will get you a trainer to help you accomplish your goals.

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