Zoo Conservation Project Justin H. , Logan W. , Nicole N.


African penguin, first penguin species discovered. Most endangered penguin. Hold breath up to 2 mins. Dive up to 400 ft. Small(2 ft tall), black, white feathers, webbed feet, "black eye" which is a pink stripe above eye to keep them cool, and has a short tail.

The African penguin is the best option to conserve due to it being a keystone species, popular animal at zoos, and is studied to help human technological advancements.


Madagascar Tree Boa

Stable, high cost to maintain it, and does not have large ecological importance.

Ecological functions

A key stone species(African penguin) , largely depended on so ecosystem can't survive without it.

Maintain fish and aquatic crustaceans population.

Prevents primary consumers from overpopulating.

Prevents producers from all being eaten.


Main food source for secondary and apex.

Many species consume penguins as its main source.

Taken away, others starve to death from losing main prey.


Rhetorical appeals/strategies: If gone, large repercussions. Would throw everything off balance. No other animal can fill role. Too many animals depend on it for food to lose.

Additional biological, medical, social, etc., appeals

Popular exhibit

Many children visit with classes.

Children overall enjoy.

Children adore, likely that they will visit them again. Money through ticket and pass sales thus, adding to budget to help conserve the endangered penguin.

Studied to build aquatic mobiles.

Productive swimmers used as inspiration for item like submarine.

More flaws in creation if we didn't study animal to model invention after.

Lose the first penguin species found? Impact on not only animal but also human history. Endangered, loss would affect zoo profit and would inhibit science from advancing.

Cost to conserve/resources required by the species

Slightly costly to clean water, their food price makes up for it.

Eat various fish and aquatic crustaceans.

Penguins aren't picky about their food.

Willing to eat many items that are not pricey, very little is spent on them food wise.

San Diego Zoo grows, has farms, also have access to catching items in wild.

Doesn't need to go to great extents to get food for animals.

Spending less money on food, devote more budget to better care for penguins. Cost evens out.


$35 for five pounds. Already cheap, the zoo probably for even lower prices. money's worth by spending so little on food and using it on others needs

Final Conclusion

Most beneficial to save the African penguin inspiration in the field of engineering, point of interest at zoos, and it is a main contributor to the biodiversity in its ecosystem.

African penguins are so well favored, attract large crowds and this portrays that many people care for these playful creatures. Consider donating to our San Diego Zoo

Give this species a fighting chance in the wild and visit sandiegozoo.org/animalhouse/ to learn more.


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