COM60203 - 0324723 / Rediscovering Ingenuity of Youth Exercise 1

My name is Moonis Muneez. I'm a 26 year old film enthusiast from the Maldives. Most of my photography is inspired by and influenced by film, both in terms of composition and editing. My edits mostly involve color tones as I believe that the color sets the mood. My main interests in terms of subjects are people, candid or otherwise. I also enjoy fashion photography. The aspect of photography that interests me the most is composition.

A girl recording a video on a smartphone stuck onto a pile of books, a video game cover and a box.

Title: "My First Tripod." (Link to full view)

I interpreted ‘Rediscovering the Ingenuity of Youth’ as young people finding new solutions to old problems in their own way, using the materials available to them.

The reason why I framed the picture as a portrait and not landscape was to give a sense of verticality or height to the stack of books.

I wanted the colors of the books to reflect the girl’s vibrant personality. They also help hint at what her interests might be, adding character.

Additionally, the books and video game cover were chosen based size to create two vertical leading lines leading upwards towards the phone, which is the focal point of the whole picture.

The picture was inspired by my own life experience. When I first started videography, my first “tripod” was exactly like this.

ISO: 320 / Aperture: 3.2 / Shutter Speed: 1/60

Canon 70D with 50mm, 1:1.8 STM

Created By
Moonis M.


Photo by Moonis M.

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