The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By:DEliciawashington

The Spatial Experience: When I entered the auditorium it was a lot nicer and bigger than what I thought it would be. I was sitting front and center which made the performance a lot better to see, and I felt like I was more apart of the performance. When the lights dimmed I felt really excited because I knew I was about to see something good. The auditorium was huge which made a difference because there was a lot that could be going on in that space. Place changes everyone's perspective because, for example, if I would've been sitting in the very back I would've had a different experience.
The Social Experience: The experience of attending the performance with my friends made a big difference because having friends there made it a lot different than if I was there alone. For example, I was able to compare my thoughts with my friends about the performance and share each others perspectives. I attended the performance with my friend Quincy. Before the performance we texted and decided what time and where we would meet up. Similar to place, who you share experiences with matters because you learn more because everyone comes from different places and has had different experiences.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This play took place in the early 1900's in Canada. During this time frame there was little to know technology and electronics. Its very difficult for me to image life without those features. The themes that were in this play was about church verses theater and wealth verses poverty. The issues stated in the performance were not changed by the performance. The issues between the church and theater will always be the same in the sense of contrasting views. There is always going to be issues of class between poverty and wealth. This performance was difficult for me to relate to because i have never had to silent my views.
The Emotional Experience: Going to this performance gave me the opportunity to come clean by being honest with things that I didn't even want to talk about. Usually when someone doesn't want to talk about certain things is because its a reason behind the whole situation. When someone is wrong about a situation it is really hard for them to admit that they have done something wrong. For the most part when i am in the wrong while its difficult I will own up when I'm wrong.

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