Canada in 2050 "eh"


Do you ever wonder what Canada will be like in the next 34 years? This info graphic has a clear understanding of the current and future trends of topics; Immigration, Demography and the Aboriginal Community.


Birth Rates Decreasing

In developed countries, children are seen as a financial liability, so couples are more likely to limit the number of children they have, to enjoy their affluent lifestyle, and as people are getting married later, they have less time to produce children.

Age Of Our Population

The age of our population has gotten older by the minute, if we take a look at 2011 the popular age group was from 40 - 45. The most popular age group as of now is from 50 - 55.


I predict that the popular age group in 2050 will be around 75-80 if the current popular age keeps growing at a consistent rate.



Population increase had been driven more by immigration than by natural increase.

Currently Canada is looking for skilled workers who are relatively young. This is because the working age of Canada is growing short in terms of population so there is a labor deficit.

In conclusion these are my predictions of how Canada in 2050 will look like and how my life might be in 2050.

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