Tiger Woods and Golf Thomas Daniels

Why did I choose this topic?

  • Tiger is one of the best golfers of all time
  • He is on the way to a comeback season in the PGA
  • He has an interesting narrative to go along with his excellent play
  • Everyone wants to root for Tiger


  1. Tiger's early experiences with golf/fame
  2. Relationship with his father and the game of golf
  3. College golf experience
  4. Immediate success in the PGA
  5. Tiger's infamous scandal
  6. Injuries
  7. Hero World Challenge Tournament
Thesis Statement

Without Tiger Wood's legacy in the golf world, the institutional racism that inhabits country clubs across America would be stronger than it is today.

  • Tiger's impact on golf opened up the sport to many new types of people.
  • His presence on national television/his success is crucial to the growing popularity of golf with young minority children.

Paper Ideas

  • Tiger's experience at country clubs across the nation
  • The affect of institutional racism
  • Defeating the stereotype of black athletes being the strong/brute strength type of player
  • Tiger Woods as a hero - why people root for the underdog
  • Charity Work
"We don't allow our students to exist with the labels or restrictions or stigmas that have been placed upon them. We empower them to exceed any and all expectations."

Racism in Golf

  • Discuss the history of racism in the golf world
  • Rules and policies many country clubs hold/have held
  • Percentage of black players in the PGA
  • Sponsorships
  • Discrimination


  • A lot of young people grew up watching Tiger - he should be remembered for his golf legacy and how he improved the sport.
  • He's consistently been a humble and gracious athlete.
  • He changed the way people think about golf.


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