The Good Life Tour of the Harn Spark story: Jimmy wang

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

"II-06-94", Nancy Graves

This sculpture brings together a variety of materials has references to music, astronomy, paleontology, botany, and anatomy. Made from bronze with patina and glass, this work of art incorporates many different elements to illustrate the artist's figurative representation of interests in art, science, and history. The horseshoe crab resembles the origins of life on earth while the fragments of human bone suggest a darker tone. All this is contrasted to the brightness of the stars and musical notes on the right half of the sculpture. Seeing this sculpture in person gives me a greater understanding and appreciation of the overall artwork because I was able to walk around and see all the different perspectives of this artwork. I think the medium is important because it is 3-dimensional and the essence of this artwork cannot be captured by a single picture as in some paintings which are only 2-dimensional. This artwork communicated to me that many different things can be joined together and united despite their polarizing characteristics such as the arts and sciences. This artwork made me feel astonishment at first as the musical notes and overall shape surprised me and caught my eye. That feeling turned into amazement as I read the brief information card and discovered more elements in the sculpture that I had not noticed at first.

Design of the Museum

"Paula and Marshall Criser Garden", Aaron Lee Wiener

The design and use of space in this artwork struck out to me as being special. Despite being a closed off space, the "garden" has features in the foreground, middle-ground, and background that are used to frame the sculpture on the pedestal. All the elements converge together nicely and overall I like the arrangement of things within this piece. I think this is because it reminds me of something I would see at my parent's home and it makes me feel reminiscent of my childhood.

Art and Core Values

"The Nolli Map", Giovanni Battista Nolli

This map covers 8 square miles of Rome and is the most visually detailed artwork that I saw in my tour. This artwork appeals to two of my core values which are challenge and intellectual growth. Challenge because it must have been difficult to map out the entire city of Rome in the 18th century to this level of detail and must have required a lot of work to accomplish. Intellectual growth because any viewer of this artwork can gain knowledge of Rome's design and aerial view. Published in 1748, it is was the most accurate map of Rome until the mid-20th century. For around 200 years, nobody made a better map because there was no need and the technology to do so was most likely not created yet. The artist instills in me the emotions of achievement and prestige that this map gives and it helps me better understand that challenges give rise to hard work and effort.

Art and the Good Life

"Plate 6, Coffee Portfolio", Rafael Tufliño

This artwork conveys a Good Life theme because it depicts many people together enjoying the fruits of their labor. This artwork comes from a series of works titled "Coffee Portfolio" which captures the various aspects of coffee production such as picking, drying and grinding coffee beans. Plate 6 is the last of the series and shows the people celebrating their good work and evokes the celebrating theme of the Good Life. It shows that despite the hard labor that they endured, they can still have a good time as long as others are around them and this echos the message of the Celebrating and Sharing modules in the Good Life. This adds to my understanding of the Good Life as it shows that the good life is dependent on the people around you and how you choose to celebrate the achievements of those around you.

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