• Biography.
  • How did the world influence Van Gogh's art.
  • Influential people in his life.
  • Technique.
  • Painting and technique.
  • What have you learnt about painting in the style of Van Gogh during the process of this project.
  • Bibliography.


Vincent van Gogh on March 30th 1853, and died July 29, 1890. Van Gogh is considered the greatest Dutch painter. Van Gogh produced all of his work on a period of 10 years, before falling into mental illness, until committing suicide. After his death van Gogh’s fame started to grow rapidly. Specially 11 years after his death, in Paris showing 71 of his paintings.

Many paintings by van Gogh were sold as the most expensive paintings in the world. Van Gogh’s painting Irises was sold for $53.9 million in New York. As a new record his portrait of Doctor Gachet was sold for $82.5 million.

How did the world influence Van Gogh's art?

  • Van Gogh, travelled throughout his life many times, and that was what mainly affected his art and style.
  • World around Van Gogh changed frequently throughout his career as an artist. His first took an art career in 1980. 2 years later he moved from Etten to Hague. Were he was given a certain art style by his professor (and his cousin) Anton Mauve.
  • Van Gogh had a great admiration for French nature artists. In particular Jean-François.
  • Later he was influenced by the Japanese prints that he used to collect.

Influential people in his life:

  • Anton Mauve, his cousin. Was leading Hague School artist. Van Gogh's uncle sold the first painting.
  • The reason why Van Gogh started painting rural life was because of Jean-François Millet.

Van Gogh's distinctive style:

  • His style was definitely inspired by Impressionism.
  • Impressionism is characterised by relatively small, thin but visible brush strokes.
  • Impressionism originated from a group of French artists whose exhibitions brought them to fame during 1870s and 1880s.

Impressionism example.

Painting and technique: Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat

  • This painting shows a technique, which consists of passing from a dark palette to a much brighter palette. Also again Impressionism is used, as we can se Van Gogh uses the small brush strokes.
  • The palette he is using in this painting is much brighter, compared to some of his other paintings such as the Potato Eaters which is focused on a much darker palette. As it has colours such as, blacks, browns, and many other dark toned colours.
  • This painting is mainly focused on bright colours such as, yellow, light blue, orange and many other colours, that may have been layered on top of each other to have a certain colour.
  • Van Gogh's facialexpressions in this painting show, doughtness,sadness, or even lonlyness.

What have you learnt about painting in the style of Van Gogh during the process of this project.

  • I have learnt many interesting facts about Van Gogh, his life and mostly about his technique.
  • Van Gogh's art style and techniques varies due to the environment surrounding him, and also the people who he would relate with.
  • Van Gogh cahnged many places his home during his career. At the end the asylum is were he ended up in.
  • Van Gogh's career as an artist satrted late.



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