Polymer clay sleeping fairy

Make some skin color balls
Then shape into face
Make tiny ball, flatten
Cut into 2
Add on the face
Roll a very tiny snake of black and cut eyelashes
Put some blush or pastels on the cheeks
Maintenant prepare your fairy bed 😊 like a leaf, a nest, a feather or whatever you imagine
Maintenant roll some skin color
Cut into 2
Press between fingers to shape the feet
Like this
Maintenant roll thinner skin color
Cut into 2 and flatten on one end to make hands
Put the head, legs and one arm on the "bed" , adding some bake and bond
Here I used slices of petal cane to make the skirt
Add the second arm
To make the sleeve, roll and flatten a little ball of clay
Add wings
And hair
Make the mouth
And here's your little fairy!
Created By
Frederique Pittet

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