energy in collisions By:Shreya

  • Two types of energy are Potential energy and Kinetic energy
  • Kinetic energy is moving energy
  • Potential energy is stored energy
The logs sitting there have potential energy because they are just sitting there.In the classroom, the cars had potential energy when they were at the top of the ramp.
The torpedo has kinetic energy because it is moving.In the classroom, the car had kinetic energy when going down the ramp.

Energy transfers from one to another.In the classroom, we crashed 2 cars and one flipped because of energy transfer.

The electrons are flowing through the cord.

Weight makes the car go faster because of less friction.

The heavy weight makes the car go faster like how we put the tires on our cars.
Our team's car
Labeled diagram

The car that we made protected the egg pretty well except that the egg had 1 tiny crack.

More improvements

I am thinking that we put more vex pieces on the sides because it tipped from the sides and fell. And maybe less weight.We could flip the bumpers so it would be softer.


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