Postcards From the Edge of Eleuthera in the Bahamas Our Trek to the Island's Best and Most Elusive Beach

On a trip slated to be a relaxing interlude between a busy week at work (unfortunately, travel blogging is not our day job...yet) and the imminent "Non stop party vibe" of that weekend's stopover in Nassau to cover Festival Rum Bahamas, we had only one item on the agenda - sit still.

But, it wasn't long before Eleuthera's beaches cast a spell on us, sending us on a mission to dip our toes into as many of its shorelines as we could trek to in four days.

Mornings designated for sleeping in were tossed aside in exchange for drives along Queen's Highway - the central road of Eleuthera - from which tiny arteries of dirt road cut through scrub to reach a string of hidden beaches.

As our days winded down, a tough choice lay before us.

Which beach would be our last?

We weighed our options and considered the easy pick. The beach at our resort was a quick walk away and promised to reward us with a relaxing day under the shelter of a palapa in paradise with drinks in hand and lunch in our bellies.

Choice number two was over an hours trek away and down a long, unmarked and unpaved road. There were no fancy restaurants, authentic beach bars or even bathrooms on site.

But, from what we had read and heard, Lighthouse Beach, on Eleuthera's southernmost tip, was a must see.

And so we set off...

Where Queen's Highway ended, a bumpy, barely there road emerged and seemed to lead to nowhere.


Only two markers indicated that we were on the right track and after endless miles of driving, even they didn't seem all that credible. Did we think about turning around and heading back? As a matter of fact we did...

But just as we finished listening to the last song from our reggae/soca/soulful house mix, we reached it.

And it was amazing...

A Few Seconds of Beach Bliss

We stepped outside of our SUV and were greeted with these dazzling views of the island's most remote beach. It was like walking into paradise. Impossibly blue water lapped up on the shores of a faint pink beach. Palm trees swayed in the breeze. And it was all ours for hours.
We waded in the warm, clear water then sank into a quiet corner to take in our piece of paradise before setting off to explore the Atlantic side.
This lush patch of limestone fringed foliage led the way.

We met a few couples while on Eleuthera who told us they too set out to find Lighthouse Beach but got lost a few times then were discouraged trying to find it and turned back. Fortunately for us our desire to trek on rewarded us with a true beach bliss experience.

How could a gal not get a few beach bliss glamour shots on such a beautiful beach?!
We miss you Eleuthera but promise to return soon...
Created By
Naya Blue & Mango Eddie


All photo's and video Caribbean Soul Trekkers.  Map credit: Google maps.

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