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Battlefield 1 blows away other video games with graphics that will make almost any fan of first-person shooters fall in love at first sight and solid gameplay that offers a realistic feel. For the first time in the franchise’s history, the campaign does not follow a main protagonist throughout the war, but multiple characters that are pitted in different situations throughout the war called, War Stories. The five-short stories give a more sentimental appeal opposed to the traditional single-player campaign; highlighting the emotions of characters and the destruction they face.

Every mission works as a tutorial on vehicles and gadgets; helping you prepare for multiplayer experience. From the start you are placed in War Stories and must do everything and anything to survive. The fist minutes of playing and it was apparent that EA DICE wanted to take a different direction. When other shooters are looking to improve on jumping, flying, and more fast-pace action, Battlefield takes a different route. The game goes back to the first World War and focuses on carnage and tactical combat.

The multiplayer experience has always been the anchor of the Battlefield Series. Fans were excited about this installment since the first images of the game were released. The beta, which opened Aug. 31, displayed all-out war, but with weapons that have been steered away from since the days of Medal of Honor.

The large-scale battles, which can contain up to 64 players in one match, will make sure you’re never running around without seeing a single enemy in sight. During the match, you may select up to four classes to choose from (Assault, Support, Sniper, and Medic). Each class comes with its own weapons and gadgets that can be customized to best suit your style of play.

Not having fun playing as an infantry unit? Well then just hop right into a vehicle! You can choose up to three different planes, each with their own capabilities that will assure you the job gets done. Not a good pilot? Then lead the charge in one of four different tanks, breaking straight through the enemy lines in as chaos resumes through the war. Blowing up buildings to kill a sniper hiding in a tower is an experience that you can only see in this game.

Fan favorites: Conquest and Team Deathmatch will be what most players spend their time on. Deathmatch, which contains a condensed version of the maps you play in conquest, make it easier to get around without getting instantly shot by a sniper across the map (no promises though).

Battlefield manages to fit in a brand-new mode called Operations. This mode consists of four real battles that actually took place during the first World War. This game mode holds up to 64 players that battle it out to either capture or defend an objective. The battles can last up to hours with a non-stop rush of adrenaline. Battlefield does a great job at balancing the teams giving each team the right vehicles for the situation. If your team is getting dominated, then don’t worry because after each battalion (round) a boss vehicle will back your team up. Depending on what map you’re playing on, this boss vehicle will spawn in to assist your team. The boss can be a giant behemoth, a large naval destroyer, or a fast moving train. Each of the large vehicles can hold up to at least six people that can take control of certain weapons on this vehicle. Now for the team that’s facing this monster, it’s going to take an effort to bring them down. If multiple bullets won’t do the trick then you’ll have to get on cannons and anti-aircraft weapons to take these bad boys down.

When rivaled with Call of Duty, a game that continues to fly, jump unrealistically high, and have pretty colors to design your gun, Battlefield 1 offers an experience more similar to that of an actual war. Battlefield is one of those games that will have many gamers continue to play years after its release. Battlefield 1 will definitely give its rival franchise, COD, a run for their money.

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