To all of you....

As I look back to this picture taken the last day of school my heart beats of joy and excitment! it reminds me of the great time we had saying goodbye feeling like friends and family; because that is exactly what we are! As for the new teachers, you will soon feel like part of this family too. I am confident that you were chosen because you are the perfect fit! However; a new school year is just a few days ahead and with humbleness I step in to fill great shoes as your new Principal. It is not only a personal goal but my responsibility to provide you opportunities to succeed in your teaching while working in a respectful and caring environment. Thank you all for trusting me and for being the most important pillars to my success. I compromise in doing the same for you. Yours truly, Xio.

Challenges may come your way during the school year but there is no better way to learn, than to make mistakes and learn from them. I am positive that you are a staff that likes to be challenged and is hungry for innovating ideas. That is why the schools purpose is to have continuous growth, creativity, leadership and more... Below you will find what might be of most importance to you.


Below you will find several links with important information. Look through it carefully.

Class Schedules


This is an example of what your biographies should look like. Keep it simple, professional, and child friendly. Please make sure they are written in English and Spanish. Revise your last version and when ready share it again with me.


  • Be on time the first day, it will be an exciting one.
  • Clock in when you arrive.(Returning Staff)
  • We will be hosting lunch outside the school.
  • It is a full day schedule for everyone.



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