RIP Phyllis Wellfare Clandestine Burial Site Woodingdean lawn cemetery 2012

Phyllis Dorothy Wellfare b. 19th Oct 1919. Treasured wife of the late Ronald and beloved Aunt to Colin, Linda and Chris, Passed 12th March 2012 after six lonely years at 363 Ditchling Road, Brighton. The graves of our Mother, Edna Wallage and Father, Lionel Starley were desecrated by a clandestine burial at plot 265 Woodingdean Lawn Cemetery

The last time we were all with Phee was for her 85th Birthday in October 2004.

On Friday 24th March 2006 she was secretly taken away from her home in Southampton to Brighton. Despite our attempts to find out, her whereabouts was kept from us and many of her lifelong friends.

Sadly Phee died at Royal Sussex County Hospital 21.50 12th March 2012.

We were never told of her death and no public notice was issued.

A clandestine funeral and burial took place and the family of her closest friend were not allowed to attend.

Her wishes of being buried with husband Ron in Southampton were denied.

24 Hythe Road

We Edna, Beatrice, Lionel and Jack Starley and our father John Milton Starley and brother Leon Starley all lived at 24 Hythe Road, Brighton.

Phyllis Dorothy Wellfare never lived at 24 Hythe Road, Brighton despite this address being given to the Authorities on her death.

Phee 2004

Phyllis Wellfare (19th Oct 1919 – 12th Mar 2012) was the wife of Ronald Layton Wellfare (28th Feb 1913 – April 2002). Ronald was a first Cousin of Lionel Starley, the father of Colin Starley and Edna Wallage (Starley) the mother of Chris and Linda Wallage.

Phyllis was the daughter of William and Marie Wright and she had a sister; Margaret A Wright (Peggy) who was the first wife of Lionel Starley. Colin Starley is the son of Lionel and Margaret and is thus the Nephew of Phyllis. He is the ‘Next of Kin’ of Phyllis.

The above were all close family with “The Laytons” who were three Aunts and an Uncle of Lionel and Edna. Their children and their siblings were also close and remained so during their lifetimes. In 1965 Lionel Starley married Pauline Newman having divorced his first wife Margaret. Thus Pauline Newman-­‐Starley is the stepmother of Colin Starley and ‘aunt’ to Chris Wallage.

In April 2002 Phyllis’s husband Ronald Wellfare died and as there were no children from their marriage Phyllis found herself alone. Colin Starley, Chris Wallage and his late sister Linda Wallage are first cousins and all had been in regular contact with Phyllis and Ron. They increased their visits and support after Ron died and helped with the usual things that older people need to remain independent. This continued until Phee was unexpectedly taken away from her home in 2006.

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