George Washington Carver By: Aidan clark

Early Life

George Washington Carver as a boy
  • George Washington Carver was born to enslaved parents in Missouri around 1864
  • He was raised by the owners of his plantation Moses and Susan Carver after his mother and sister were kidnapped and his father was killed
  • Moses and Susan taught George the basics of reading and writing
  • George left home at a young age and bounced around many foster parents so that he was able to attend school because where he lived the schools did not allow African Americans

College and Career

  • Carver was accepted to Highland College in Kansas but later denied admission when the school learned of his race
  • He decided to conduct experiments and eventually compiled a geological collection at home
  • Carver was also interested in art, not just science
  • He began studying art and music at Simpsons College in Iowa drawing botanical samples
  • Carver then applied to the Iowa State Agricultural College in Ames, Iowa beginning his study's the following year becoming the first black student to attend the college
  • Carvers graduate studies included intensive work in plant pathology
  • It was then when he was recognized as a brilliant botanist
  • After graduating he was recruited to run Tuskegee institutes botany department which became world renowned under his leadership
  • Their Carver devoloped many uses for cash crops like peanuts and sweet potatoes. He devoloped over 100 uses for peanuts
  • Carver's prominence as a scientific expert made him one of the most famous African Americans and one of the best-known African American intellectuals of his time
  • Some uses he made had for peunuts included plastics, paints, dyes, butter, and even a kind of gasoline

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