Unique in the World The last master of marine bysuss

On this tour, we take you through the South coast’s Bithia Valley towards Tuerredda, a true Sardinia secret. It is considered one of Sardinia’s most beautiful coastal areas, home to the last marine bysuss in the entire world. We will make two stops along the way, the first at Capo Malfatano and the Baia delle Ginestre for photographing opportunities, and the second at the Campionna viewpoint for a brief informational tour of the region.


After this tour, we’ll pass Porto Budello and divert from the coastal road to stop by Sant’Anna Arresi, Is Pillonis, and Palmas. This local area will be a great place for you to relax a bit and enjoy a fresh cup of cappuccino.

Capo Pisciní

We’ll take our tour car again to drive towards the Sant’ Antioco peninsula, where we’ll meet the scenic coastal route again. From the car, you’ll be able to view the magnificent saline lagoon, as well as the Roman bridge that leads to the ancient city of Sulki, a historical treasure founded back in 1100 B.C. by the Phoenicians.


Our drive will end when we reach Belvedere, a truly amazing area with panoramic views from the west coast of Sardinia to its southern Cape.

Sant Antioco

Once in Belvedere, you’ll have the chance to stretch your legs and explore the exquisite streets on foot. On this walking tour, we’ll visit Chiara Vigo’s laboratory, a renowned bysuss cloth waver. Known to locals as the “hair of the mermaids,” viewing and touching the bysuss cloth will be a completely unique experience for you. Chiara Vigo’s work will astound you, leaving you both breathless and mesmerized at the beauty of this secret Sardinia treasure.

Chiara Vigo working (Photos by Nelly Dietzel)

After a tour of the bysuss laboratory, you’ll be taken to one of Sardinia’s oldest churches, where ancient Phoenicians and their descendants are still buried. The extent of Sardinia’s history is endless, and you will realize this here.

In the catacombs

Our tour continues, and you’ll be driven along the North-West side of Calasetta towards the spectacular cliffs and white sand beach. As we drive, you’ll have a beautiful view of San Pietro Island.

A long the coast around the Island

The drive doesn’t stop there, as we will continue to Mercury Island, where the gardens are filled with wild flora and vegetation. The sculptures found on the landscape have been both worn and polished by years of weather and wind, making them unique and incredibly beautiful to look at.


We will pass through the island and reach its eastern side, where the panoramic views of Mounte Sirai, Trattalias Giba, and Porto Pino dunes are even more majestic. This experience is what makes your travel in Sardinia worthwhile, and will leave to truly speechless in the face of pure beauty.

The last checkpoint on our Sardinia secrets tour is Nuraghe di Sant’Anna Arresi, an ancient structure built around 1,500 B.C. Enjoy a bit of history as you take in the Porto Pino view one last time.

Nuraghe Sant'Anna Arresi

The drive back will take us through the South coast, where the evening sun embraces the road with its warm, golden rays. This is Sardinia’s last gift to you before you retreat back to your hotel. You can relax from the long day spent enjoying the overwhelming sights and locking the memories away in your head as we comfortably drive you back.

Costa del Sud
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