Gatsby's Biography

He was born in a poor family and decided to run away at 16 because he didn't feel at home. He saved an old rich man from his sinking ship and decided to sail the lake with him for a year. The man becomes his mentor and teaches him everything he knows. He goes to war and is separated from the love of his life: Daisy. When he comes back from the war, he finds that Daisy is now married to a rich man named Tom Buchanan. He decides to get into the bootlegging buiseness to make a lot of money.

The reason he decides to do this is to be on the same social level as Daisy. He starts convicing Daisy to leave Tom for him, telling her that she never truly loved him. Gatsby's plan fails, and as they are leaving the hotel (after a heated argument with Tom) Daisy kills Tom's mistress by accident. Gatsby takes the blame for it. Myrtle enraged husband (George) decides to put an end to Gatsby's life and to his, assassinating Gatsby in his pool.


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