Annual Report 2016

At the Crested Butte Music Festival, our mission is to enrich, educate and inspire our community with diverse art forms that celebrate the human spirit. In 2016, our team flourished, our supporters proved to be beyond exceptional, and the Festival expanded in ways more dynamic than ever before.


Over 130 artists travelled to Crested Butte from all over the nation to perform beloved masterpieces of old and premier works anew in the Gunnison Valley.

“Vicky and I have planned our summers in Crested Butte around music for many years. Getting to know the performers greatly enhances our appreciation of this art.” - Denny and Vicky Myers

Over 60 creative faculty, performance coaches, and production crew worked to develop young artists, design, and ensure the quality of CBMF performances.

“Cathey and I enjoy supporting the arts because they calm the spirit. In stressful times, engaging with musical or visual arts requires you to focus on experiencing that expression which then brings joy into your life. We are passionate about the educational programs of the Festival, especially the Young Artists who perform such beautiful music in the Valley.”

- Don and Cathey Humphreys

“Scott and I love how the Music Festival offers unique educational opportunities to students as they begin their musical journey and also to more experienced artists as they emerge onto the national and international stage. Funding for the arts is challenging - it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have helped someone pursue their passion in music.” - Kathy and Scott King


Over 50 volunteers generously donated 1600 hours to the festival, scanning over 3,500 tickets and greeting audiences at 42 events.


Five full time staff and over a dozen summer staff planned, operated and executed the nine week festival.

Max and Pavol shot over 100 hours of video documenting the season.

Crista sent 2,184 emails during the season.


All in all, over 100 students of every age participated in CBMF’s outreach programs that provide unique opportunities for personal and artistic development.

Opera children's chorus

Eleven young artists and their families traveled to Crested Butte to participate in the seventh annual Opera Children’s Chorus, complete with a showcase recital and supporting roles in La bohème.

crested butte opera studio

Twelve developing performers were selected from over 400 national applicants for their exceptional artistry to receive professional coaching from the field’s leading pedagogues and take leading roles in the festival’s production of La bohème.

"At other festivals, you may see a great performance, but here, real relationships develop between the artists and audiences." -Donna Witt

Swallow hill kids camp

Six instructors from the Swallow Hill Music School in Denver taught folk and bluegrass music to 36 students from all over Colorado for a week long camp in Crested Butte.

“In my grade school, every classroom had a piano. We had music teachers. It just made my life, when the door would open, and this lady would walk in - she knew how to play the piano, and we would sing, all together. Those kinds of things really affected my life. It does something for your soul, I don’t know what it is, but it does something for your soul. A world without music just isn’t as good. I worry that kids don’t get that kind of music anymore. Music just does something special.” - Linda Biery (pictured above with her husband Tom Biery)

frank vignola gypsy jazz guitar camp

In its second year, over 40 gypsy jazz enthusiasts and musicians played from dawn until well after dusk during the five day camp hosted by the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Eleven professional musicians gave 8 performances, including four late night jams with camp participants!

education & Outreach

Secondary Art teacher Ben McLoughlin and CBMF Board member and singer Ron Earl collaborated to introduce high school students to opera through arias from La bohème.

Ron explained the story and emotion in each aria, and Ben worked with his students to depict their own feelings through their artwork.

For many students, this was their first exposure to opera and an opportunity for new inspiration.

The stunning results on display during performances of La bohème demonstrate that interpreting music through art - or art through music - is a natural supplement to each curriculum, and one that combines the visual and performing arts in a unique sensory experience.

kids go free program

In 2016, over 150 tickets were used by children to experience a vast majority of Festival performances.

Attending Festival performances contributes to a meaningful and well rounded education for local and visiting youth of the rural Gunnison valley.

time spans

Over a dozen performers and artistic staff, including the JACK Quartet, the International Contemporary Ensemble, and renowned countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo, presented a series of unique performances featuring the leading works of our time.

JACK Quartet playing an intimate performance. This was the final performance by the JACK Quartet with the original members.
Countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo performing La Dolce Morte.


community partners

Over 150 local businesses and community partners showed their support for the arts with generous contributions to the Festival, including items for special events, in kind services, goods, and even one of a kind paintings!

Sodexo’s caterers prepared and served over 500 dinners, plus over 100 more at the Hugh Acheson Master Chef event.

CBMF board

The generous individuals on CBMF’s board work tirelessly year round to support Festival performances and operations, host artists and events, plan and execute fundraising galas, and even completed a successful search for new Artistic Directors during the Festival season.

CBMF would like to extend its sincerest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Tom and Stephanie Seymour, whose extraordinary generosity and passion made possible the arrival of the Mt. Crested Butte Mirror Palace in 2016, providing a much-needed home for Festival performances. Their continued dedication sees its return for another splendid summer in 2017.

2017 underwriters


CBMF had a self sustaining year supported by funding from individual contributions, sponsorships, fundraising events, education fees and ticket sales.

Approximately 60% of expenses are program related and include artist travel, training, housing and fees; operations, including technical fees, food and beverage, supplies and tickets; marketing; and venue and equipment rental.

In the upcoming year, CBMF anticipates a lower overhead cost and higher percentage of expenses dedicated to programming.

In 2016, CBMF raised over $1 million in contributions that funded 42 concerts, reaching nearly 5300 people.

In a great demonstration of community endorsement, over $100,000 of in-kind income supported the Crested Butte Music Festival in 2016, including lodging discounts, donated services, goods and other donations that support festival operations and artistic programming.

CBMF received over $100,000 in grant funding from local foundations and government, state initiatives, and federal agencies to support educational programs, Time Spans performances, marketing activities, and free tickets for kids.


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