EMEX Phase 1: Autumn Course Tampere 2019

Phase 1 of the Emerging Media Exploration project saw staff and students from our partner Universities meeting, collaborating and ideating together, firstly online, where initial research and presentation pitches were produced, and then onsite at the Mediapolis campus in Tampere, Finland, for a week long intensive design sprint.

Participants brought with them their own specialist knowledge and skills from their home courses, but also their culture and openness to share and learn from one another. Lecturers and industry specialists were on hand to guide the students through these phases of production which culminated in the presentation of proof of concept prototypes that emerged from the set theme of the future of Interactive, immersive television production.

Ice Breaking and Networking

Industry Partners

We had the pleasure of working directly with two industry partners, German RBB based in Berlin and the Finnish YLE, the later shares the same physical site with the University campus. Representatives were on hand to not only set the brief itself, but mentor and inspire the participants throughout the online phase but also during the intensive week onsite.

Olli-Pekka Salli, Delevopment Producer for YLE talks here of his role in the project:

Guided tour of the YLE studios

Student Experience

Participants from some of the working groups here share their thoughts on the project, the results of their ideation and prototyping and how this experience may impact how they approach future collaborations and challenges.

The cool thing about working with specialists who know how to do things that i don't is that it feels like magic - that's a cool operation I guess
I really like this method because you can really do so much in only one week
I think it will definitely change my way of working because now I’ve learnt that you shouldn't stay still with the details as it mostly doesn't matter when you're prototyping.

The week culminated with each group presenting their concepts for review and feedback from their tutors, peers and representatives from our industry partners

Final Presentations