Crime and Criminals in The Victorian Era By: lauren owens

Although crime wasn't a large problem in the Victorian Era, people still violated the law. These weren't everyday occurrences, but they did happen. Police and the Judicial system of the Victorian Era kept most crime at an all time low.

Men were the ones in the Victorian Era who committed crimes most frequently as opposed to women, but women were most likely to be repeat offenders after their offense as opposed to women. Women were seen as trashy delinquents after they violated the law this made it very hard for them to get married and women didn't have many options outside of marriage, this drove them to go back to their life of crime.

There were various different types of crimes that were committed in the Victorian Era. Murder, burglary, assault, and rape all fit into the category of crimes committed in the Victorian Era. Murder and rape were the least frequent in the Victorian Era. Murder just simply didn't happen often, but rape statistics are believed to be so low because of lack of reporting of the crime due to the importance of a women's virtue in the Victorian Era.


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