SKIRACK Media toolkit | Community Reach | MARCH 30TH


Social and Environmental responsibility are necessary in increasing economic growth. By showing the community that your companies sole focus is economic growth but also well being of the community, people will generate their own interest, increasing costumer With the technology that is at our hands today, it makes reaching out to community that you are apart of that much faster and easier, giving you a free medium for marketing your products.

Purpose: The purpose of this toolkit is to highlight strategies that can be implemented into the Skirack company that will increase their community and environmental responsibility.

Goal: Reach the maximum amount of customers as possible by taking their product to the community, not community to the product


  • Have more community outreach programs
  • Increase social media activity
  • Respond to costumer reviews/ comments

Social Media


  • Twitter: Post between 5-10 times a day, retweeting and sharing related articles, pictures and videos
  • Facebook: Reorganize page, and have similar steps as Instagram
  • Instagram: Post 2-3 times a day, advertising events, sales, and community submitted picture

Handles & Website:

@skirackvt |


#skirackvt #skitherack #biketherack #skirackoutside #skiweek #bikeweek

Partner Handles:

Skirack has affiliation with Patagonia VT and Smuggler's Notch Ski Resort, so when putting on events on location, include store/location within the post. This will allow for a wider reach.

@patagoniabtv | @smugglersnotchvt

Post about an event, like the Bolton Valley Split and Surfest, more than just once, keep reminding followers of an event. If they only see the event pop up once they will most likely forget about it. If it pops up frequently, they will be more apt to attend.

Who are you?

Let your potential costumers know who you are. Creature bios on on the website highlighting how they got to BTV, what they are interested in, and what they do at Skirack.

Give the "contact us" section personality, make the customer feel like they are talking to an actual person, not just a computer.



Host big clinics for kids monthly at local trails, host their adult demo days at mountain biking trails, host fatbike demos during the winter months.


Host mountain side demos, events (bands, pond skimming) at least once a month with affiliated companies like Smuggs, Bolton, Patagonia.

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