Etiquette Emily cole 6th pd

  1. Why was Victorian Era etiquette important in society?
  2. Who was etiquette for?
  3. What were some rules or manners they had to follow?

Why was etiquette important in society?

  • Queen Victoria set a high standard for society and everyone wanted to live up to those expectations.
  • It was important to show that you were upper class.
  • Women often held tea parties to practice their manners.
  • Schools offered not only academic opportunities, but training for girls in social graces and proper etiquette. This was important because the goal for girls was to attract a husband.

Who was etiquette for?

  • Etiquette was for the upper and middle classes because the lower class didn't have time for etiquette.
  • A person's etiquette and manners were associated with their status and wealth, similar to the type of car someone drives today.

What were some rules or manners they had to follow?

Ballroom etiquette:

  • Be gracful, effortless and elegant when dancing.
  • Never leave a lady unattended.

Social etiquette

  • Don't talk too loud or show too much emotion.
  • Ladies curtesy and men bow or tip their hats.


  • Etiquette played a part in Victorian clothing. It was considered 'good etiquette' to dress appropriately to ones age, and position in society.
  • Girls wear corsets and their hair tied up.
  • For younger girls, it was the goal to have a waist the same size of your waist in inches. For example, a sixteen year old girl would strive for a 16 in waist
  • Fair or pale complexion is best

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