The Football Tackle by Alexis mandes

It was a hot summer day, 4th grade, some classmates and I were playing football outside of the school. The outside of the school had a lot of trees, there was a big field that was right near cement. Now let me tell you a little bit about this kid named Josh. Me and me and him sort of hated each other. Whenever I talked he would interrupt me or sometimes I would be working and he would copy off me.

One time we were taking a test in math, he was sitting next to me and out of the corner of my eye I could see him glancing at my paper. The part that got me the most angry was when he didn't get caught, I would just give him dirty looks or glare at him. So back to the story, my friend passed the football to me and I caught it but by the time I could throw the ball the kid Josh tackled me to the cement. I was so heated and I could feel tears about to come but then I filled with anger so I ran to the teacher and told the teacher what just happen (making it seem more dramatic).

I was hoping he would get sent to the principal's office or get in really big trouble. Sadly the teacher only told him to say sorry. He barely even said it, he said it sarcastically and mumbled it. About 3 or 4 years later I still hated him for what he did. He started a Instagram live and I went on it. He saw my name and the made a dirty look to i told him I hated him. A few months later around Christmas I found out he lived in a group home and wished he could live with his father. I felt really bad for what I said. I felt so guilty and mean. I wish I haven't told him I hated him and been so angry at him for so many years.


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