The ABC,S of Africa By :rachael yatsak

A, Africa The second largest continent in the world located south of Europe

B,Bissau is a poor country ,undeveloped mineral resource.

C, Cataracts rapids,found along the southern part of the Nile River.

D, Delta a triangle shaped area,located where the Nile River meets the Meditation sea

E, Elite people of wealth and power

F,Famine Oran extreme shortage of food

G, Griots The story tellers of early of early west Africa

H. Hieroglyphics

writing system ,number most can read it some not.

I.a tape of dark heavy wood and ivory a white material taken


K. Kenya one of the country in East Africa south of Ethiopia

L. a country in West Africa it's between Sierra Leone and Cote d'ivore

M.Madagascar a huge island country off the southeastern co

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