Celebrating Canada By Pritpal

Canadian Healthcare

Canada is one of a few countries that has Free Healthcare! Did you know all Canadian residents have access to a hospital and doctor without paying themselves. The government is responsible for delivering health care services. The Canadian Government is required to provide direct healthcare to specific groups of people such as the First nations, Canadian forces, and veterans. (Canada's health care system).

The Canadian healthcare system is paid for in taxes. The government pays for 70% of healthcare and 27.6% is paid for by Canadians through the private sector. (Chai).

Niagara Falls

This beautiful masterpiece of nature is Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is Three waterfalls that flow between the Canadian and US Border. Niagara falls has the highest flow rate of water. The largest drop is 50 Metres deep. Niagara falls is a great source of power and has been harnessed with generators placed behind the falls.(McLean). Many stories have referenced the Niagara Falls such as The War in the Air, Niagara, and many newspaper cartoons.(Jones).


Canada was the first country to accept multiculturalism as a policy. Canada made sure that anyone with a citizenship had equal rights and equal responsibilities.(Canadian Multiculturalism: An Inclusive Citizenship). Because Canada accepted many refugees, there is a wide variety of languages spoken which allows for many different trade opportunities. Canada is One of 196 Countries that is the most diverse. (Peaceful and welcoming society).

Why should all canadians celebrate these features?

Canada is a amazing country that represents peace. Whenever you are travelling, you represent Canada. You shouldn't tarnish its name. You should always apologise first and try to stop conflict. If you want to call yourself a Canadian you must be willing to do what is right! You can use this as an opportunity to change. You need to value that you might be part of something big and that you can do something for the greater good. I believe that being a Canadian has a large role in my life and that i wouldn't have tried to help as many people if i wasn't Canadian. Having the title Canadian has inspired my all throughout my life and shall continue to inspire me till i create a difference.


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