Reconstruction is the rebuilding of are country after the civil war. We need to rebuild the south's economy and for the equality of slaves. The south is in ruins after the war with the economy and wealth of the south gone having slaves were the only way they knew how to live.

Lincoln's plan for reconstruction was that at least 10% of the state had to sign a form. The form said they are sorry for susseding and agree to the amansipation proclamation. Sadly president Lincoln died by being shoot in the head by John boothe. Now president Johnson has a different plan for reconstruction. He set up a provisional government in every confederat state. The state could go back to the union if the followed three rules; nullify there act of session, acknowledg that the us would not pay for civil war dept and ratify the 13th embedment

Gordon granger is the leader that controles a large Union force. He was sent to enforce the proclamation. Juneteenth was the day of Texas emplication. All the freedmen celebratied in Texas as the news spread. Now that slaves are finally free they need jobs and a good education. That's why the freedmans bureau is here to teach craft skills and teach freedmen how to read and write.

Johnson appointed Andrew Hamilton a Texas representative because he is a unionist. The delegates at the constitutional convention are mostly pro confederacy/succession. The conversation was bias because most of the delegates are on the side of succession.

They changed the constitution to nullify succession and war dept and too abolish slavery. The ex confederates are taking control of the government they are enforcing black codes and refused freedman there rights. Black codes are laws that limit freedmans rights.

Congress thought johnsons reconstruction plan was not working because of all the difficulties that the south had. The radical republicans where a group of republicans in congress.the radical republicans over powered congress because that freed people could vote.

Congress's reconstruction plan is harsher and has the south divided into 5 districts. They saw the the southern states leaving as illegal and put a military leader in eatch district. These districts are called military districts. Congress made many white southerners say the ironclad oath witch said that because they served the confidency or the confederat army they had there rights from doing a lot of things in court like voting serving on a jury holding office.

The freedmans bureau registered freedman to vote. 50,000 freedman registered to vote. The KKK are white southerners who are terrifying the African Amaricas and unionists. They also are atacking carpetbangers and scalawags because they are a strong force in unionism.

Reconstruction ended in Texas after they joined the Union. White people are upset about high Taxes and police. The freedman kept in rural areas. The demonstrats took over congress and put limitations on blacks like black codes and other restrictions on there rights.

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