KION: Creating and Publishing Jobs From Personnel Requests ROLE: HR EXPERT

This guide will detail the steps necessary to create and publish jobs from requisitions, as an HR Expert.

Here you will see the home page. Now you want to click on "Personnel Request" under the "Vacancies" section.

You will now see the requisitions page. Scroll down and find the Requisition you are looking for and click it.

Now you will see the Personnel Request page. Here you can change the Job description and further customize the job. Click on "Turn personnel request into vacancy" to turn the requisition into a vacant job.

Input the Job Title and Status, then click the green button "Transform job requisition into a job"

You will now see the newly created job, on the "Jobs" page.

Selecting the job will show you the Job Description Page.

Select the "Publication" Tab, and "publication contents" sub heading to edit the job content. Select the language the job will be published in, then click the pencil icon next to "publication text"

Here you can add content to the job posting, like requirements and information regarding the job.

Ensure that the field "Job posting layout" is "KION South America". Click "Save" when you are finished.

Click on "overview" under the Publication heading. Here you can click "publish job". Clicking this will publish your job and make it accessible to the world. On this page, you can also publish the jobs to sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc..

Clicking on "jobs" in the top left corner, you will see the job was successfully published.

You have successfully created a job from a personnel request and published it for anyone in the world to apply to it! Nice work!!!

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