Dual Singularity Time Is Space - Part 1

In Part 1, Ha Pi De Cloun sends a tweet which starts a chain reaction throughout Space-Time. Chester Field finishes his RV which will become the main vehicle for the story (literally and figuratively). Finally, we meet Hugo Bones and Albert Lorentz who are about to change the nature of the world. Scroll down to find links to each chapter and some background materials.
Time Is Space is just a story. Hopefully, it is a story that will make you feel, think and ultimately find hope in the human epic that we find ourselves in.



"What do I say? What input can I offer that would make a difference?" - Ha Pi De Cloun

Ha Pi De Cloun is a pathetic icon of a decaying North America. Being a professor of psychology, which he acquired from the fraudulent Trump University, has done little for his professional career.

So, during his morning coffee, he trolls social media sites such as Twitter. His total lack of charisma and on-line acumen has resulted in very few followers. However, in his attempt to create the perfect tweet, he causes an unforeseen ripple in the universe.

Binky, Ha Pi's only friend and one of his few Twitter followers, is a cloying reminder of how pathetic Ha Pi is and, as a result, suffers the brunt of Ha Pi's dissatisfaction with life.

Background Materials

The story is a science fiction - meandering through psychological gorges and therefore often times slow - thriller. So, it might be helpful at times to watch and read some of the material offered to give some background to the more theoretical parts of the story.

This chapter has a preoccupation with the beginning of the universe and begins to explore concepts which find their roots in The Big Bang. Although it is still only a theory, it is a good starting place for those interested in trying to grasp who and what we are.

Kurzgesagt Video - The Beginning of Everything


The Apollinian-Dionysian RV

Chapter 2


That fraction was a fundamental part of him, and it was lost in the wilderness like a lone seed set adrift.

The Apollinian Chester Field

Chester Field, a Canadian artist, is designing what he hopes will be the ultimate RV production vehicle. He is using money from the Canadian government, in the form of a grant, to produce this vehicle which will allow artists to create, experiment and show their work all while in the RV.

The Dionysian Harvey Kalapski

Harvey Kalapski, Chester's studio mate and collaborator, is unhappy with the present state of the RV. Chester is offended but tells him that a man from the US military is coming to remedy their technological problems.

Little do they know that this man from the military is working for a special branch of the US government and is planning to use Chester, Harvey and the RV for a very dangerous and life altering experiment.

Background Materials

This chapter explores the Apollonian and Dionysian dichotomy that has been well explored by the likes of Nietzsche and Jung. Although the video below doesn't directly deal with this topic, it does explore the inherent duality that exists within our brains. I don't necessarily agree with Nietzsche, Jung or CGP Grey, but the concepts are certainly good for story telling.

CGP Grey Video - You Are Two




Rene Margritte's The Human Conditon Starring Hugo Bones



Drugs squeeze every last drop of life out of us and pour it into the cup of progress.

Hugo Bones - Man of Action

Hugo Bones works for a special branch of the US government. He is in charge of pounding small and helpless enemies into enough ink to print patriotic leaflets. He likes his job.

Albert Lorentz - Brains of the Operation

Albert Lorentz is the brains behind the operation. He has conceived of a method for time travel, but it requires a human quantum entanglement to power the quantum computer. It is hoped that Chester and Harvey and their RV will fit the bill.

Hugo is unaware that Albert is slightly off his rocker. Too much time spent in his thought experiments has caused Albert to have a slight case of the God complex. Sure, we all have a slight case of this, but Albert's has caused him to think of actually doing something about it.

Background Materials

The Agricultural Revolution, also called the Neolithic Revolution, is a central theme in this chapter and helps to define a certain point in time when humans stopped being like animals and started to be...well, something else.

Crash Course Video - The Agricultural Revolution


Neolithic Revolution

Beer Key To Civilization

Evolution of Multicellular Organisms

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